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September 27, 2011 in Quizzes

Righto.  Here are the answers to the questions posed in the Deep in the rough article on Saturday.

As I said in that post, I hate using superlatives.  However, as well as having possibly the worst quality photocopying for the picture round, this quiz also featured the definitively dearest raffle I’ve seen at a table quiz. The going rate for the past number of years (around here anyway) is €2 for a “line”, with three of them offered for €5.  Here, €5 got you one line of tickets.  Of course, these days, the lines are put into the bucket whole, so this is really one ticket.

Buying multiple lines of tickets seems preferable, normally, for two reasons: it increases your sense of having a chance (you have three tickets in the hat, after all) and it means that, should you win something early, you could still win again. 🙂

Not so on this night in Ballinlough where the usual three lines would have cost you €15!


  1. What is the world’s largest desert? A> Sahara
  2. What sea does the Volga flow into? A> Caspian Sea
  3. What country is the world’s largest producer of tin? A> China
  4. What is the world’s largest ocean, by area? A> Pacific
  5. Which US state is the ‘Volunteer State’? A> Tennessee
  6. How many keys are there on a standard upright piano? A> 88
  7. Which fictional town was the setting for many of Brian Friel’s plays? A> Ballybeg *
  8. What is the birth stone for May? A> Emerald
  9. What Irish symbol does Patsy Kensit have tattooed on her ankle? A> Shamrock
  10. What is the lowest female singing voice? A> Contralto
  11. What is ailurophobia? A> Fear of cats
  12. In which country did the kilt originate? A> France **
  13. Who was the most googled person in 2009? A> Michael Jackson
  14. What do you call the dot on the lower case i and j? A> Tittle

Code breaker (decypher these):

  1. The 7 W of the W A> The seven wonders of the world
  2. S W and the S D A> Snow White and the Seven Dwarves ***
  3. 5 P for a T in R U A> Five points for a try in Rugby Union
  4. 206 B in the H B A> 206 bones in the human body
  5. 225 S on a S B A> 225 squares on Scrabble board
  6. 12 D in a G A> 12 dozen in a Gross
  7. 24 H in a D A> 24 hours in a day
  8. 16 O in a P A> 16 ounces in a pound
  9. 168 H in a W A> 168 hours in a week
  10. 64 S on a C B A> 64 squares on a Chess board


  1. Taking the pain out of operation ****
  2. Growing old
  3. Bit on the side
  4. Put a sock in it
  5. Pie in the sky
  6. No two ways about it
  7. Three degrees below zero
  8. Upright piano
  9. Unfinish symphony
  10. Foot in the door


  1. 50 cent
  2. Darren Clarke
  3. Sinéad O’Connor
  4. Bertie Ahern
  5. Mary McAleese
  6. Michael Noonan
  7. Brian O’Driscoll
  8. Madonna
  9. Sinéad O’Connor
  10. Bertie Ahern

Right. I think I know what you thought after reading the answer to picture #9 – “Did they really have the same person in the picture round twice?”

Then, when you got to pic #10, you possibility thought “Ah, come on! Two people in twice….?”

Let’s get back to the superlatives.  This is a first for me.  In fact, I didn’t believe what my eyes were telling me.  #9 was definitely Sinéad O’Connor but #3 looked very like her too.  For a few minutes we had #3 left blank as we assumed it couldn’t be Ms O’Connor.  After a few minutes though my team-mate Rita told us she had seen it done once before – as a kind of the trick question for the picture round. Ok, yeah, let’s do it.

We never thought there was a possibility we’d have to use the same method again! Bizarrely we got #10 right whilst being baffled by #4…


* Strangely this question was followed immediately by “Which Irish playwright wrote ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’?

** Hmmm. The internet offers some differing opinions: the ‘long’ kilt originated in Scotland; the modern ‘walking’ kilt originated in England, for the use of Scottish labourers; whilst, if you want to go digging, there was a type of kilt in ancient Egypt.

*** This one doesn’t obey the rule of the other nine, that is it doesn’t show the number in the sentence as a numerical value. Ok, I’m pedantic!

**** This was called out as an example.  Thankfully!

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  1. Apologies folks. I had the answers to #6 and #7 (in the picture round) in the wrong order. It’s been fixed now.

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