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September 13, 2011 in Quizzes

A town called Lost?

Here are the answers to the questions posted yesterday in Found and lost.

I mentioned in that post that some of the questions were, to put it mildly, a bit easy.  Throughout, it was also possible to see how the question setter’s thought process had developed.  Sometimes this was very obvious.  For example, check out these three successive questions in round one:

  1. How many ‘Angry Men‘ were there in the famous 1950s film?
  2. How many people traditionally sit on a jury?
  3. Complete the title to the famous film: ‘The Dirty……

They had obviously hit a rich seam of questions there.


  1. What was the first ever gold medal awarded for in the modern Olympics: Triple-Jump or Marathon? A> Triple-jump *
  2. Which US state has the lowest population? A> Wyoming
  3. Which capital city is the highest (in terms of altitude)? A> La Paz **
  4. What is 03? A> Ozone ***
  5. Who invented the mercury thermometer? A> Fahrenheit
  6. How many hurdles do athletes jump in the 110m Hurdles? A> 10
  7. What is the surname of this year’s Rose of Tralee? A> Talbot
  8. Which Co Kerry town holds a Charlie Chaplin festival? A> Waterville
  9. What was the first non-human to win an Oscar? A> Mickey Mouse
  10. True or false: Seagulls can drink sea water? A> True

Picture round:

  1. Glen Campbell
  2. Matthew Elderfield
  3. David Drumm
  4. Mary Cowen (wife of former Taoiseach, Brian)
  5. Sharon Commins
  6. Dolly Parton
  7. John McGee ****
  8. Ryan Tubridy
  9. Katherine Thomas
  10. Claudine Keane (wife of footballer, Robbie)


  1. G.A.A. : Gaelic Athletic Association
  2. F.A.I. : Football Association of Ireland
  3. G.M.T. : Greenwich Mean Time
  4. D.O.B. : Date of birth
  5. B.M.I. : Body Mass Index
  6. R.D.A. : Recommended daily allowance
  7. F.A.Q. : Frequently asked questions
  8. F.C.A. : Fórsa Cosanta Áitiúil
  9. O.E.C.D. : Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  10. E.S.R.I. : Economic and Social Research Institute

Famous dates:

  1. Year of the Spanish Armada A>1588
  2. … ‘Races of CastlebarA> 1798
  3. Battle of Aughrim A> 1691
  4. Hungarian Revolt A> 1956
  5. … first man on the Moon A> 1969
  6. … end of the Irish Civil War A> 1923
  7. … sinking of the Titanic A> 1912
  8. … sinking of the Lusitania A> 1915
  9. … assassination of John F. Kennedy A> 1963
  10. … end of the First World War A> 1918

Wow, that’s a lot of answers.  More to come later as it’s a double day here on the blog.  See you soon.


* Brilliant bit of double-think from us when this was asked.  “Well, the marathon is always last…. but then again, perhaps as it’s so important to Greece, it was first in 1896?” Erm, no.

** La Paz is correct.  However, it was announced that they’d accept “either La Paz or Sucre“. Bolivia does indeed have two capitals but this is incorrect charity here as Sucre, whilst quite high itself, is not as high as Quito, Ecuador. So, if anyone did answer Sucre, they didn’t deserve the point they got.

*** This is the question I’ve known the answer to since first year in secondary school. For some reason though, I didn’t think it through and hastily wrote down ‘peroxide’. Bad show to not remember that you know something.

**** A bishop for the second quiz in-a-row. What are they, the new Seoiges?

2 responses to Found and lost answers

  1. What was the answer you got wrong despite knowing it since first year in secondary school?

    • My apologies. I forgot that I had trailed that one in Sunday’s post. I didn’t mean to leave anyone hanging on. 😉

      I’ve now added it to the post.

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