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September 19, 2011 in Quizzes

How much would this set you back?

It’s time for a bumper post.  This one will include all the answers to those mentioned in Spot the ball-room and one more.

No, I haven’t remembered what the tie-breaker question was that we answered correctly with “3”.  However, I have remembered a spot prize question, which the quiz master posed mid-way through the night.  Here it is:

  • Name either of the Westmeath men who have played at centre-field in an All-Ireland football final in the last 15 years.

I’ll give you the answer to that at the very end of the post.  If I was to give you a clue, I’d say don’t take it too seriously…

The quiz master delighted in a bit of word play.  Whether this was intentional or not, I’m not sure.  At one point he created a hubbub by mistaking the ‘l’ for an ‘r’ in a question relating to venue of the Pope’s election.  I’m sure that was deliberate.  However, his introduction of the raffle prize (a ticket to the All-Ireland football final) as one of the “most converted” items around probably wasn’t.

Have some answers:

  1. True of false: Kerry defeated Mayo by nine points in this year’s All-Ireland football semi-final. A> True (1-20 to 1-11)
  2. T/F: Cassata is an Italian dessert. A> True
  3. T/F: In Who wants to be a Millionaire?, contestants have to answer 12 questions correctly to win the million. A> Both *
  4. The Mitchelstown Caves are located in which Irish county? A> Tipperary
  5. Who won the Mercury Music Prize in 2010? A> The xx
  6. The town of Emly is located in which Irish county? A> Tipperary
  7. What type of animal is a Rhodesian Ridgeway? A> Dog (although it’s actually called a Rhodesian Ridgeback)
  8. In Father Ted, what was the name of the ‘Dancing Priest’? A> Liam Finnegan
  9. Who is the current Ceann Comhairle of Mayo County Council? A> Austin Francis O’Malley
  10. The world’s largest soccer stadium is the Rungrado May Day.  It holds 150,000 people.  In what country can it be found? A> North Korea
  11. Kerry footballer Colm Cooper represents what club? A> Dr. Croke’s
  12. Who did Charlestown defeat in the 2009 Mayo county senior football final? A> Knockmore
  13. Which Dublin theatre was co-founded by Micheál Mac Liommóir and Hilton Edwards? A> The Gate Theatre
  14. What is Ireland’s second-smallest county? A> Carlow

Spot the Ball:

  1. B
  2. B
  3. B
  4. B
  5. A
  6. C
  7. A
  8. B
  9. C
  10. B

Picture round:

  1. Bryan Cullen
  2. The Saturdays
  3. Omar Sharif
  4. Joe McQuillan
  5. Mundy
  6. Caroline Wozniacki
  7. Ludwig van Beethoven
  8. Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  9. Tasmanian Devil
  10. Dan Carter
  11. Tony Buckley
  12. Mary McEvoy

The biggest cheer of the night came when a wrong answer was given.  During the audio round, we were asked “How much had the bike cost?” in this song here:


The answer given was €92.  However, most people in the room must have known that was wrong as heckling started.  Ordinarily, if there’s a challenge, the quiz master has to send someone off to check the definitive, correct answer.  Not so on this occasion – he just lined up the song on the CD player and we all listened to a bit more of it than he’d played earlier.  When the appropriate line “…he asked me of a hundred, I gave him eighty-two…” was broadcast the room erupted into a massive ovation.  You’d have thought Seamus Moore himself had just walked in!


  1. In what year did Ireland host the Ryder Cup? A> 2006
  2. Which Emma starred in and wrote the screenplay for the film Sense and Sensibility? A> Emma Thompson
  3. A.N. Other question A> 3
  4. What is normally served from a tureen? A> Soup (or vegetables)
  5. What was the name given to the process of compelling men to join the navy? A> Press Gang

Finally, here’s the answer to the question at the top of the post.  You could have said either Foster or Allen.  I told you not to take it too seriously!


* The answer initially called out was “False.  It takes 15 questions.” Someone challenged this and it turned out they were also right – since 2007 the newer format now only features 12 questions. So everyone got a point for this particular question.

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