De ja voodoo: answers

October 7, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Here are the answers to the (tremendous amount of) questions posed earlier in De ja voodoo.

My mate Ger is next week’s quiz master at Gilligan’s but I’m afraid I won’t be there to report on his quiz.  A ticket to next week’s big European Championship qualifier between Ireland and Armenia has come my way so, obviously, I’ll be in Dublin on Tuesday night.

Hopefully, the Ireland team won’t catch the grabbing-defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory bug that’s going round.


  1. What is the highest rank in the British Army? A> Field Marshall
  2. What do the letters CT stand for in a CT scan? A> Computed Tomography
  3. In which town were the Clancy brothers brought up? A> Carrick-on-Suir
  4. Iliana Mironoff is the birth name of which famous actress? A> Helen Mirren
  5. Which headland in county Antrim features in the shipping weather forecast? A> Fair Head
  6. Who invented the crossword? A> Arthur Wynne
  7. What is the actual first name of jockey Ruby Walsh? A> Rupert
  8. What event happened on April 26, 1986? A> The Chernobyl disaster
  9. Which two teams will contest this year’s Mayo county football final? A> Castlebar Mitchells and Ballintubber
  10. What do the letters CNN stand for? A> Cable News Network *
  11. How many toes does a dog have? A> 14 18
  12. What is the maiden name of Michael D. Higgins’ wife? A> Coyne
  13. Who are the new presenters of Crimecall? A> Gráinne Seoige and Philip Boucher Hayes
  14. Slieve Donard is the highest peak in which mountain range? A> Mourne Mountains
  15. What film was Grace Kelly shooting when she first met Prince Ranier of Monaco? A> To Catch a Thief
  16. What is the fifth book of the New Testament? A> Acts of the Apostles
  17. Which TV personality got into trouble recently with some comments about work practices in RTÉ? A> Gráinne Seoige
  18. On what (Sky) channel did Midwest Radio recently launch a TV programme? A> 201
  19. What was the surname of the Belmullet family who recently won the Lotto? A> McIntyre
  20. Who is the CEO of the Health Service Executive? A> Cathal Magee
  21. Which Galway businessman recently featured in an episode of RTÉ’s The Secret Millionaire? A> John Concannon

No picture round and yet there are still two mentions featuring the clan Seoige.  I could nearly pick them as my specialist subject at this stage, so much have I learned about them through quizzes!

A blog on Monday night’s movie quiz will follow later today. Until then…


* We really did over think this one. How can you go wrong with only three words… and you know the first word begins with a C!

2 responses to De ja voodoo: answers

  1. On what planet do dogs have 14 toes? They have 20, 4 of which are dew claws at the back of the leg.

    14 means that on some feet they don’t even have 4!

    • Thanks for pointing out my error. 14 is obviously wrong – blame my hand-writing!

      That said, looking at my note in brighter light (and the internet, to be fair) informs me that the correct answer is 18. Five on each front paw and four on the back paws.

      I think we may need to get our hands on a dog just to confirm this. 🙂

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