Round 10: The B*st*rd answers

October 11, 2011 in Movies, Quizzes

Good day to you all.  Here are the answers to those fiendish questions posted in yesterday’s blog.

It’s a good job I typed up yesterday’s post when I did as I have since lost the piece of paper on which the featured questions reside.  Thus, I will have to do the round all over again.  That said, it is a lot easier when you’ve heard the answers within the past week!

The final round:

  1. Who played the part of the vampire Jerry Dandridge in the original Fright Night? A> Chris Sarandon
  2. Who has, in his career, been killed on-screen by a terminator, a predator and an alien? A> Bill Paxton
  3. Who played the part of the “last American hero” in the 1971 film Vanishing Point? A> Barry Newman
  4. What cover company does James Bond and his fellow 00 agents purport to work for? A> Universal Exports
  5. What phrase stops the robot Gort in the 1951 film The Day The Earth Stood Still? A>Klaatu barada nikto
  6. What was the name of the superhero alter-ego of Dom DeLuise’s character in Cannonball Run? A> Captain Chaos
  7. Peter O’Toole was nominated for an Academy Award for which 1980 film? A> The Stunt Man
  8. What film was directed by Wim Wenders, starred Mel Gibson and was written by Bono? A> Million Dollar Hotel
  9. The character of Lili von Shtupp in Blazing Saddles was based on which actress? A> Marlene Dietrich
  10. What engraving is on the lighter George Smiley lost to a Russian agent in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy? A> “From Ann, with all my love” *

Some other questions:

  1. What was the name of the criminal gang in the 1991 film Point Break? A> The Ex-Presidents **
  2. What 1945 film featured the first ever scene of human actors interacting with animated characters? A> Anchors Aweigh
  3. In what year does the film Super 8 take place? A> 1979
  4. On what date do the characters in One Day meet every year? A> St Swithin’s Day (July 15)

Identify the film from its tagline:

  1. In Space, no-one can hear you scream. A> Alien
  2. Eigth legs, two fangs and an attitude. A> Arachnaphobia
  3. Crime is a disease. Meet the cure. A> Cobra
  4. Neo-Tokyo is about to explode. A> Akira
  5. Mischief. Mayhem. Soap. A> Fight Club
  6. He was dead but he got better. A> Crank: High Voltage
  7. Love means never having to say you’re sorry. A> Love Story
  8. Resistance is futile. A> Star Trek: First Contact
  9. Trust me. A> Liar Liar
  10. He spies, he flies, he death-defies. A> Condorman

Picture round (five actors, five films):

  1. Charles Grodin
  2. John Belushi
  3. Michael Fassbender
  4. Shirley MacLaine
  5. Zhang Ziyi
  6. 30 Minutes or Less
  7. The Duchess
  8. The Maltese Falcon
  9. Thor
  10. Vicky Christina Barcelona

That’s a whole lot of movie trivia for just one post.  I hope you enjoyed it.

If so, note that this quiz happens on the first Monday of every month in Kelly’s Bar, Bridge St., Galway.

That’s all folks.


* Not the most succint answer is it?

** Don’t fall into the trap we did of thinking they were the Dead Presidents.

4 responses to Round 10: The B*st*rd answers

  1. John, whatever about your previous comments on questions that rely on luck (and I disagree with you there on dingbats), Question 8 of the movie round has nothing to go on. Compile a list of criteria that narrow down the picture:

    Humphrey Bogart
    Wearing a hat
    Jaded, unsympathetic expression
    Black and white movie
    Picture Frame

    Pretty much every movie before the African queen (all 67 of them) could tick all those boxes. Ok at best you’ll either think, “is it Casablanca or is that too obvious?” (nothing but luck here) and then you might go ‘Maltese Falcon’ but it’s a complete guess (“maybe the Quiz master is a big Bogart fan, it might be Sirocco – it did have a great tagline and there were scenes indoors with hats”).

    I’d prefer a dingbat any day

    • Pete, you’ve answered your own charge here I think. That list of facts about the picture enabled us to narrow down the choice of movies (to two, as Dave points out).

      You can’t do that with dingbats. You just stare at them like one of those ‘Magic Eye’ pictures for a while, hoping the answer will pop into your head. Then you resort to the old Catchphrase “say what you see” method before, hopefully, you trip over two thirds of the correct answer….

      Finally, where are you going thinking that Bogart looked like that in Casablanca? The lack of a white dinner jacket (or a trench coat) knocks that one out. 🙂

  2. there’s no way it’s casablanca or treasure of sierra madre. We boiled it down to it or The Big Easy and just felt the falcon seemed darker.
    i would like to point out that i had serious problems convincing the rest of ye that Condorman was a movie

  3. Oi! I remember that Michael Crawford-starring Disney movie. You had trouble convincing the other two it wasn’t one of your drink-induced hallucinations 🙂

    I was afraid of ‘The Big Sleep’ btw. The Big Easy is a Dennis Quaid movie.

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