Sorry about that, Chief: answers

October 28, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

Here are the answers to the questions posed in Sorry about that, Chief.

Don’t forget, I’m hosting a quiz in Claremorris tonight.  It’s at 8.30pm in Warde’s Bar on Main Street.  Please come along if you’re anywhere near! We’ve got some picture rounds, an audio round and a couple of Hallowe’en themed rounds.  It should be a fun night.

Ok, on with the answers.  I alluded to the fact that one of the answers called out the other night was wrong.  To be more accurate, one of the questions was wrong.

#22 asked about the mother of Edward V.  We discussed it at the table and I wondered if Edward V was the heir to Henry VIII (which would mean his mother was Jane Seymour). My team-mate Mick, however, was sure that Henry VIII’s son was Edward VI so I dug into the brain and came up with Elizabeth Woodville.  I surprised myself with this – as I found out afterwards that it’s right.  Alas, it wasn’t the answer the MC wanted.  He was looking for: Jane Seymour.  Those pesky regnal numbers! If we’d lost by a point, I’m sure we’d have gone up and asked for a recount but it didn’t come to that, unfortunately.


  1. In which African country was presidential nominee David Norris born? A> Belgian Congo
  2. How many British No.1s did Westlife have? A> 14
  3. The Bishop’s Palace in which county Roscommon town is currently for sale? A> Ballaghadereen
  4. What name is given to a triangle with all sides unequal? A> Scalene
  5. What name is given to a four-sided shape in which only two lines are parrallel? A> Trapezium / Trapezoid
  6. What breed of dog gets its name from the German word for splash? A> Poodle
  7. In which central European language does the word ‘ano’ mean yes? A> Czech Republic
  8. By what other name is GMT known? A> Universal Time
  9. What was the name of U2′s first British No.1 single? A> Desire
  10. Which poem ends with the verse: “He who is wrapped in purple robes, With planets in His care, Had pity on the least of things, Asleep upon a chair.”? A> The Ballad of Fr Gilligan
  11. How many Israeli Shekels are equal to a Euro? A> 3.75 *
  12. Who wrote The Maltese Falcon? A> Dashiell Hammett
  13. Which island is the largest of the Greater Antilles? A> Cuba
  14. Which island is nearest to Lybia? A> Crete
  15. During the 1960s, which TV character’s catchphrase was “Sorry about that, Chief.”? A> Maxwell Smart (from Get Smart)
  16. In manufacturing, what does the acronym SIN stand for? A> (Special Item Number?) **
  17. What was the original name of the Hoover Dam? A> Boulder
  18. Magnata is the ancient Roman name for which Irish city? A> Galway ***
  19. In music, what does the term ‘Largo’ mean? A> Slow tempo
  20. What was the name of William Shakespeare’s final play? A> The Tempest
  21. Which Irish port is believed to have been the entry port for the Black Death into Ireland in the 1340s? A> Howth
  22. Who was mother to Edward V? A> Elizabeth Woodville

Apologies for the vagueness of #16.  I’ve plain forgotten what the answer is.  All my notes contain is the word SIN, so that’s not much use.

That’s all from me.  Hope to see some of you tonight!


* Perhaps it was last Tuesday.  Now it’s just over 5 Shekels to the Euro.

** Sorry!

*** This is the name given to a city in the West of Ireland on Ptolemy’s map.  It’s believed to be Galway… or Sligo. It’s not the most accurate map!

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  1. It shouldnt really matter if you did or did not lose. The answer was jusnt wrong, it was hillariously wrong. If quiz setters cant get the basics right, then they cant really complain if people get narky with them

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