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November 6, 2011 in EQC

Yesterday afternoon I borrowed Mikey’s iPad with the intention of writing another blog post on how we’d done in that morning’s Individual Quiz. However, I noticed that several people were heading in the direction of the competition hall. So I wandered that way and inquired of the nearest quizzer as to what kind of event was about to start.

As I said yesterday, quizzing is almost constant at this event. Anyone who wants to can bring along a laptop, some answer sheets and take over the main stage. Yesterday afternoon’s event was called the ‘Totally Subjective Quiz’ and it followed the Belgian model. Before each round you were handed an answer sheet that was specific to that round. For example, round 1 featured a list of eleven European monarchs. The quiz master then proceeded to call out facts about 10 monarchs and we simply had to match E with 1, J with 2 etc.

I ended up forming an impromptu alliance with the man I asked about the quiz, Stijn, and I’m opening up this post talking about it as we went on to win the quiz! So there, I’ve won a quiz at the European Quiz Championship. 🙂

Saturday morning saw the Individual Quiz qualifier take place. This is quizzing crossed with the Leaving Cert. Before each round the paper for it (usually containing 12 questions) is handed out and you then have 12 minutes to write down your answers. Over 170 people took part so we were four to a table. This was handy as you were expected to swap answer sheets with the person opposite you.

I was paired with John Porcella, an Italian with a lovely English accent. He was the best kind of corrector, complimenting my right answers and pointing out how hard the questions I got wrong had been.

As a group, we all did much better here than we had the night before in the Nations Cup. David did best, scoring 54. I was one behind him while Mike scored 48. These scores meant that Dave had finished joint-64th, I was joint-73rd and Mike was about 103rd. Once again, the aim of not embarrassing ourselves was achieved. David even managed to finish on the same score as Barry from the Eggheads!

As with the Nations Cup, the top 10 qualified for a second stage. Unlike in the team event though, they were allowed to keep their scores. Kevin Ashman topped the scoreboard after the table quiz on 86, leading by 5 (I think). As it turned out, he didn’t need this buffer as he scored highest in the second stage as well, to win the title of European Champion.

This final phase took place on stage. The top 10 sat facing each other, in fives, with a judge each behind them. After each question they had 30 seconds to write down an answer before the judges then revealed whether they had scored a point or not. (Well, it was two points per question actually).

After dinner, we were all back in the main hall for a team quiz. This only differed from the opening night in that you were free to mix and match teams, as friendship and necessity dictated. We were joined in this by a lovely German guy called Sebastian (a team-mate of Holger from the Movie quiz). We hoped this would be the killer move that would see our scores rocket up due to the prevalence of German-based questions throughout this weekend. Alas things turned out to be similar to Friday night – as was our score of 35/100.

That said, this quiz was even harder than Friday night. My evidence? Even the winning team ‘only’ scored 62!

The night finished up late with us joining some of the Belgian quizzers in an informal couple of hours of Quiz Bowl. Think University Challenge and you have the format.

I left the Belfry at 1.30am – finally ‘quizzed out’ for the day.

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