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November 18, 2011 in Gilligan's, Quizzes

If only I had read the full title...

I have been very busy this past week and unable to come to the blog.  However, this does mean that today I have a bumper, two-for-one blog for you.

Starting last Thursday, I’ve quizzed twice in the past week and, I’m happy to say, ended up on the winning team both times.  The first of those was in The Loft Bar, in Ballina.  Ger was the svengali behind this excursion, rounding up Pat and Mick, two of the regulars, at Gilligan’s the previous Tuesday night.  Once there, we performed like a wonder team – even more than the sum of our parts – and won out by four points.  It’s not often you get to score over 100 points in an Irish quiz so our 107/115 was something to savour.  That said, the runners-up must have felt hard done by – they scored 103!

This quiz, which was in aid of Croí, featured three handouts, only one of which was a picture round.  The other two were quite clever: Famous slogans and Anagrams of Irish towns.  I’ve included them both below.  One the whole the quiz was very well organised. We did suffer at the hand of some very pedantic marking though when we weren’t awarded the point for identifying Joe Frazier’s nickname correctly. What we wrote down: Smokin’. What they wanted: Smokin’ Joe. Even a trip to the correctors’ table by one of the guys didn’t result in any flexibility. Ah well, luckily it didn’t matter.

I hadn’t been to Gilligan’s on that previous Tuesday. My head needed some time to recover from Bruges.  By all accounts it was a dramatic night with Ger’s team eventually winning on the sixth, sudden-death, playoff question. This Tuesday night my team-mates Mick (the same man as above) and Aidan ensured that the crowd would have no such drama – we scored 92/100 and won by three.

Questions from Ballina:

  1. Mount Leinster is located in which mountain range?
  2. The Bellawaddy river flows through which Sligo town?
  3. List the colours on the Google logo.
  4. Who won the Best Female award at the recent MTV Europe music awards in Belfast?

Slogans (identify the product):

  1. Because I’m worth it
  2. Every little helps
  3. Does exactly what it says on the tin
  4. Perfect every time
  5. Fuel your day
  6. Cleans deep down dirty
  7. Connecting people
  8. I’m lovin’ it
  9. Just do it
  10. Obey your thirst
  11. The taste of paradise
  12. The best a man can get
  13. Made to make your mouth water
  14. Do you lick the lid of life?
  15. Before you make up your mind – open it

Irish towns (anagrams thereof):

  1. Gull in ram
  2. All rue Tom
  3. Drip won tack
  4. Umbro hands
  5. A wad my nun
  6. Solo pirate
  7. Elk entry net
  8. N cows L heart
  9. Navan drug
  10. Inches no try

Picture round (click to embiggen):

Questions from Gilligan’s:

  1. What do the letters OFM stand for, after the name of a Franciscan brother?
  2. What unit is used to measure silk and nylon?
  3. What is the holy book of the Hindu religion?
  4. What is the collective noun for a group of marching horses?
  5. In which city is the headquarters of OPEC?
  6. In the manufacture of what does one use a Pugmill?

Hopefully these will keep you thinking for a day or so.  Until then…

Update: answers here.

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