Defeat from the jaws of victory: answers

January 19, 2012 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the (sports) questions posed earlier in the week in Defeat from the jaws of victory.

I’d like to tell you about one more unpleasant thing that happened at this quiz.

A member of a team who are, apparently, in the hunt for victory each year in this quiz copped on pretty early that we were a serious team.  This chap got in to the habit of coming by our table after each round to see how we’d got on.  We were sitting near the bar so I guess he could claim that he was (always) just on his way up for a drink but we thought his intention was clear enough – he was worried about how well we were doing.

Now, whenever I’m doing a quiz I tend to put my phone out on the table.  I don’t think there’s any need to deny that I own a phone.  Also, I’m not doing anything surreptitious with it, so what have I got to hide?  At the midway interval, your man came over to see how we’d got on with the previous round.  We told him we’d definitely missed the Italian scorer in the Premier League question below.  “Are ye sure?” he asked. “Yeah, we’ve just looked up the answer on the phone,” we told him*. He did a very dramatic ‘Tut, tut’ thing and moved on.

Anyway, so what, you’re asking.

Well, after the picture round, when we weren’t at our most ebulient, he arrives over to see how we’ve done.

“We’re out of it” we tell him. “We only got seven of them.”

“Seven?!” he said, his tone indicating that they’d done much better.  “Well, I guess ye couldn’t look them up on the phone.”

What. A. P&:<k.

Here are the answers to the picture round:

  1. Marco Pantani
  2. Tony Pulis
  3. George Berry
  4. Sid Waddell
  5. Alain Roland
  6. Craig Johnstone
  7. Gavin Dykes
  8. Roberto Mancini
  9. Arsene Wenger
  10. Jim McGuinness
  11. Dennis Priestly
  12. Manuela Spinelli **
  13. A Claremorris runner *** (Update: Catherine Conway)
  14. Pete Warren
  15. Michael Robinson
  16. Henry Coyle
  17. Wes Hoolahan
  18. Davy Keogh (on right)

Here are the answers to the few questions I can remember:

  1. Which former Olympian is now a senator? A> Eamonn Coghlan
  2. The battle of Tel-el-Kebir in 1882 gave its name to which Leinster Senior League football team? A> TEK United
  3. Name the only Italian player to score for five different English Premier League clubs. A> Benito Carbone
  4. Who is the current Chairman of the Galway GAA county board? A> Noel Treacy
  5. Kevin O’Brien set a new world record for the fastest 1-day century in Ireland’s victory over England in the Cricket World Cup last year.  How many balls did it take him to reach 100 runs? A> 50
  6. Footballer Kevin Cassidy was asked to leave the Donegal panel after the publication of which book? A> This is our year
  7. Name the four runners who set the world record for the 4 x 1 mile relay in Dublin on August 17, 1985. A> Eamonn Coghlan, Marcus O’Sullivan, Ray Flynn and Frank O’Meara

If you like your sport, you’ll have enjoyed that challenge.  If you don’t, well fear not, there won’t be another all-sport quiz for a long time.


* Which surely proves that we hadn’t looked it up on the phone during the round. We’d have gotten it right if so.

** This is Giovanni Trapattoni’s translator, in case you’re baffled.

*** Apologies to this lady.  As I said the other day, I’ve lost my notes since the quiz.

7 responses to Defeat from the jaws of victory: answers

  1. The athlete (picture no.17) is Catherine Conway.

  2. The two sets of three asterixes have completely confused me there john.

  3. Ok John, we’ll tackle the smartphone problem next time.
    We really hate that.

    Tommy G
    Claremorris afc

  4. Hi John
    The answer to picture 11 is Denis ( The Menace ) Priestley and 13 is Catherine Conway who is a top3 female athlete – middle distance in Mayo and is featured regularly in local press.

    Tommy G
    Claremorris afc

    • Thanks Tommy. I got my 1990s Darts champions mixed up there.

      Dan (above) beat you to the punch re Catherine Conway though. I’ve now added her name into the article.

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