Defeat from the jaws of victory

January 16, 2012 in Quizzes

Before we get into 2012 on the blog I must tell you all about my very disappointing end to the 2011 quiz year.  Expect the worst and all your surprises will be happy ones, they say.  The opposite of this being that, just when you think you’re doing well, the rug will get pulled out from under you.

And so it was, at the annual Claremorris AFC Sports Quiz, which took place in the Dalton Inn on the Wednesday before Christmas.  RTÉ’s Martin Carney was the host, for reasons I couldn’t fathom.  He added a little glamour to the whole occasion I guess!

It was my first time taking part in the event but I’d heard great things about it.  The questions were said to be of a very hard standard with a great variety of sporting knowledge needed to prosper.  So, being in contention throughout the night before hitting the front after round 8 would be something to be thrilled about, surely?

In quizzing, as in sport, how a result arrives dominates the memory of the result itself. Who’s more happy with a 2-2 draw – the team that lead 2-0 or the team that pulled back the two goal deficit? Yet, they both finished with the same result, didn’t they?

Alas, from such a great position, we didn’t even get a draw. 🙁 Our downfall was round 9, the evening’s sole picture round. It was a bad round to struggle on. For a start, it (strangely) featured 18 pictures whereas the other rounds had all included 10 questions.  We performed terribly, and only scored 7 out of 18.

Your only hope after such a pitiful score is that everyone else found it just as hard.  Alas, that was not the case.  A couple of teams scored 15 and there were several more above 12 points.  So, when the scores were called out after round 9, we weren’t even mentioned! 🙁

Here’s that particular picture round:

I’m afraid I’ve lost my notes with the other questions we missed.  However, we missed so few, to be honest, that I think I can remember most of them.

  1. Which former Olympian is now a senator?
  2. The battle of Tel-el-Kebir in 1882 gave its name to which Leinster Senior League football team?
  3. Name the only Italian player to score for five different English Premier League clubs.
  4. Who is the current Chairman of the Galway GAA county board?
  5. Kevin O’Brien set a new world record for the fastest 1-day century in Ireland’s victory over England in the Cricket World Cup last year.  How many balls did it take him to reach 100 runs?
  6. Footballer Kevin Cassidy was asked to leave the Donegal panel after the publication of which book?
  7. Name the four runners who set the world record for the 4 x 1 mile relay in Dublin on August 17, 1985.

There are only about three or four other questions.  That’s how well we did, aside from the picture round. Oh well.

Update: answers here.

2 responses to Defeat from the jaws of victory

  1. Thanks for coming to quiz. I think you enjoyed it mostly!
    Martin Carney is a true professional. He’s calm erudite and never mucks up.
    The picture could have been clearer, but printing was only ok at best.
    Your score of 7 seems low by your standards, but picture rounds are not an exact science.
    Please visit us again next year – hopefully a bit more luck.
    well done ( up to round 8 anyway ! )
    have you all the answers now?

    Tommy G, Claremorris afc

    • Thanks for the comment Tommy. I did indeed enjoy the quiz. I liked the variety of the questions throughout. Structurally, my only criticism would be the fact that there were 18 pics in the picture round. We sucked, I’ll hold my hand up! But we lost 8 or 9 points to the other teams because of it. To do that in a 10 picture/question round would have needed a score of 1 or 2 and, on the law of averages, that probably wouldn’t have happened. Well, I flatter myself to hope so anyway. 😉

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