Let’s try something different

February 1, 2012 in Gilligan's, Interactive, Quizzes

The post title refers both to this site and to Gilligan’s Tuesday Quiz Night, which was a little different this week as it served as a fund-raiser for the Claremorris Boy Scouts.

We had all the table quiz regulars – even a raffle!  Still, when push came to shove the quiz was the same as ever, with questions being provided in a humorous manner by Joe, the night’s host. The fact that he won a raffle prize himself during the night only added to his good mood. 🙂

I was teamed up with Aidan and Andrew and our three heads did quite well, as we ran out winners on a terrific score of 93/102.  A good start was half the battle and we didn’t get a question wrong until #7 of round three!

Back to the blog and I’m going to try something new in this post.  Our new system allows for the creation of interactive quizzes so, instead of my normal posting of the questions today and then the answers whenever tomorrow, I’m going to use the system to both provide the answers and to test you all out. 🙂

Let’s hope it works.  As an added little something, if you do the quiz whilst logged-in, it files your score away.  I’ll then collate all the scores throughout the year and produce a ranking table.

As we’re about to get all technological, I’ll actually start with the picture round.  Nothing fancy here, same as always.

Now, here’s your chance to see how you would have done!

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  1. I’m liking the new idea. I’m a bit of a quiz-lover like yourself, as you know, so it’s fair to say the score-filing thingy excites my competitive little brain! Bring it on! Not going to try pictures though, as was at that quiz and got a perfect 12 (I did doubt my team-mates initially on no. 10..and slowly warmed to the idea! 🙂

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