Do you know jack?

March 19, 2012 in Quizzes

Strangely, with all the quizzing that goes up and down this land, it’s rare that a quiz establishes itself sufficiently that it becomes an annual event.  The Claremorris AFC sports quiz is one such contest but they’re quite rare.

So it was cool that, last Friday night, Ger and myself entered the Ballyhaunis Town FC quiz in The Hazel bar as the defending champions.  12 months ago we’d had a very good night in the company of my father and father-in-law.  Not only did we win the quiz, but we also won most of the raffle prizes!

This year, the quiz veterans were both otherwise engaged so we had to call upon two chaps of our own vintage: Kevin and Adrian. Our team turned out to be, erm, a bit better than everyone else in the room and we ended up winning by just 14 points.  eek! 🙂  We finished on 92/100 and no-one else broke 80.

We only won a bottle of wine in the raffle though…

The quiz was made up of 10 rounds of 10, of which 5 were media based.  Two of the rounds were audio with the remaining three being pictures. I’ve included two of them below – the jack one being a really cool idea, in my opinion.  (The third one was a simple enough sheet featuring 10 national flags and I think it’d be too easy for you, the site’s readership.)

Pics 1: You don’t know Jack!

Pics 2: Dingbats:

And finally, we did miss a couple of questions.  Literally, a couple.  I don’t think it’s worth creating an interactive quiz for these so, let’s go old-school:

  1. The basket under a hot-air balloon is officially known as what?
  2. What was the first phrase recorded by Thomas Edison on his phonograph?
  3. And one we got right: How many people are needed for a three-legged race?

Update: answers here.

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