A plethora of picture rounds

April 5, 2012 in Quizzes

Could it be that I have now found the collective noun for the humble picture round?

I don’t know but, after the read the rest…, you’ll see not one, not two, nor three but four to tax your brain and get you thinking for the day ahead.

Thanks to blog regular John Martin for sending me the first two, which he picked up at a quiz last week.  The second pair are my own creation, being the very rounds I brought to Gilligan’s on the Tuesday night just gone.

While I’m dispensing gratitude, I must thank Dan Kelly who has taken the new open-door policy in the Quizopaedia to heart and has added several pages to our hand-made quiz reference over the past week. Thanks Dan, keep up the good work!

A picture round:

Identify the logos:

Actors and Shakespearean characters*:

Identify the monarchs (see below for help):

With that last round, I also included the following list, which only includes all their names! However, I give with one hand and (slightly) take back with the other as there are 11 names** on the list, so you still need to know your stuff to get full marks.


Monarch Number
Catherine II
Francis I
Frederick II
George IV
Henry VII
Ivan IV
Peter I
Philip IV
Victor Emmanuel III
William I


Answers coming up tomorrow.


* This is a 20 point round. 1 point each for actor and role.

** This is an idea I first encountered in Belgium last year. There, I took part in an entire quiz featuring this style or ‘giving you the answers beforehand’.

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