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April 18, 2012 in Quizzes

I’m quite happy that the site is starting to get some input from its readers.  Dan Kelly is still doing great work in the Quizopaedia, for instance.  In the same vein, over the weekend, I received a nice batch of picture rounds from another user of the site, Pat O’Connell.  You can give Pat’s nice creations a go by clicking on the Read the rest… link below.

On another (totally unrelated) issue, apologies to those of you discommoded by the recent problems with the Quiz Rankings page.  This was due to an issue relating to a recent update to the site’s theme.  It has now been taken care of so you can now get back to taking on the interactive quizzes.

Ok, enough outta me.  On with the picture rounds…

Picture round 1:

Picture round 2:

I’ll let you stew with those for a day or two and will post the answers then.

Bye for now.

Update: answers here.

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