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April 12, 2012 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the picture rounds posted in the Something tasty post on Tuesday.  You’ll find them after the read the rest… link.

In other, surprising, news last week’s episode of After the Fact wasn’t, it turns out, the final show in the series.  In honour of today’s significant anniversary, tonight will see a special Titanic-themed episode of the show being broadcast on Claremorris Community Radio at 7pm.  Visit the website around then and click on the Listen Live link to hear the show.

It should be an interesting show.  For a start, I’m going to be on the receiving end this week and a guest host will be asking the questions!

Food-related film titles:

  1. American Pie
  2. Ratatouille
  3. A fish called Wanda
  4. Fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café
  5. Hard Candy
  6. Breakfast on Pluto
  7. Mystic Pizza
  8. Duck Soup
  9. Seabiscuit
  10. Tea with Mussolini

Identify the drinks brand:

  1. Jägermeister
  2. Absolut Vodka
  3. Groslch
  4. Paul Masson
  5. Connemara
  6. Duvel
  7. Jose Cuervo
  8. The Dalmore
  9. Chartreuse
  10. Maker’s Mark

Hope you liked those.

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