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Celebrity Mastermind

June 22, 2012 in Mastermind, Quiz Show

Celebrity Mastermind hit our screens last Sunday.  The show is hosted by Nora Owen and takes place in the Royal Irish Academy, a fact that the programme’s producers are keen to publicise (although I’m not sure why).

If you didn’t catch the first episode, you can now watch it on TV3’s 3player at the following link:

The first episode featured the ‘Memory Man’ himself, Jimmy Magee, Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter, all-round media dude Anton Savage and Louis Copeland, “the nation’s best-known tailor”.  I won’t tell you who won, you’ll have to watch for yourself.

The series continues for the next four weeks, on Sunday evenings at 8.30pm.

Part of the IT Crowd?

June 14, 2012 in Quizzes

Do you work in IT – as in, information technology? Could you put together a team made up entirely of colleagues who also work in IT?

Well then, you could be in line to win a pretty generous cash prize.

CPL Recruitment are running a table quiz in Dublin on June 20th in which teams must be made up of four people from the same company who all work in an IT role.

Why jump through such hoops? Well, the first prize is a massive €4,000.  That’s right – €1,000 per team member!

Also, just being eligible for the quiz will mean that you currently have employment.  Which makes you a winner already…

More details can be found here.

Meanwhile, in the meedja

June 12, 2012 in Culture, Mastermind, Quiz Show

We are now entering the quizapocalypse (ie Summer) so I’d expect posts on the blog to thin out a bit.

To tide you over, here are a couple of articles from the last week that caught the eye.

Firstly, you can read Paddy Duffy’s entertaining Huffington Post article on the Irish heat of the World Quizzing Championships (and his participation in it) last week.  You can find it at

Second, Eoin Butler, a man who hails from the same part of the country as myself (read, within six miles) was invited into the Mastermind Ireland studio recently, to sample the questioning style of Nora Owen.  You can see how he got on, and what he thinks of the show, by visiting the Irish Times site at

Local questions – just this once!

June 6, 2012 in Culture, Quiz Show

[youtube url=]


Big thanks to my brother Pat for reminding me of the existence of this clip.  It’s Pat Shortt and Jon Kenny, aka D’Unbelievables, giving us their version of a quiz, called Where in the Parish?

It takes a bit to get going, as they have to grab two poor unfortunate members of the audience and haul them onstage.  The questions are classics though, just the sort of thing you hear up and down this country when the ‘local’ round gets trotted out during a table quiz.

After the ball

June 3, 2012 in IQO, Quizzes

The 2012 World Quizzing Championship is over for another year.  Or rather, the questions in the World Quizzing Championship are over but, like last Thursday’s referendum, the counting is still going on one day later.

The counting at our Irish heat, which took place in Buccaneers Rugby Club in Athlone yesterday morning, took significantly less time.  Admittedly, we did only have 19 competitors as opposed to the 1,600-odd (in 13 languages) that the International Quiz Association have to deal with.

On the day, the plaudits went to well-known Dublin quizzer, Lorcan Duff who scored best in Athlone with 120 points.  Yours truly was second on 114, a slight improvement on the 111 I scored in last year’s event.  As this rate, I’ll be in contention for the World Title in about 24 years!

Getting back to this year, David Fay (Dublin) finished third whilst Paddy Duffy (Belfast) was the best-placed* quizzer in the 30-and-under category and Senan Murphy (Ballina) was victorius in the 60-and-over division.  Alas we had no competitors in the 20-and-under and 70-and-over sections.

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