After the ball

June 3, 2012 in IQO, Quizzes

The 2012 World Quizzing Championship is over for another year.  Or rather, the questions in the World Quizzing Championship are over but, like last Thursday’s referendum, the counting is still going on one day later.

The counting at our Irish heat, which took place in Buccaneers Rugby Club in Athlone yesterday morning, took significantly less time.  Admittedly, we did only have 19 competitors as opposed to the 1,600-odd (in 13 languages) that the International Quiz Association have to deal with.

On the day, the plaudits went to well-known Dublin quizzer, Lorcan Duff who scored best in Athlone with 120 points.  Yours truly was second on 114, a slight improvement on the 111 I scored in last year’s event.  As this rate, I’ll be in contention for the World Title in about 24 years!

Getting back to this year, David Fay (Dublin) finished third whilst Paddy Duffy (Belfast) was the best-placed* quizzer in the 30-and-under category and Senan Murphy (Ballina) was victorius in the 60-and-over division.  Alas we had no competitors in the 20-and-under and 70-and-over sections.

Here is the final leaderboard:

I’d like to thank Evelyn O’Connor who exuded authority, decorum and the ability to pronounce French words excellently, as our overseer.  She even recovered from a photocopying snafu involving paper 2 by persuading the staff of the nearby B&Q to help out! I also need to thank Tom Silk, from Buccaneers.  Everyone was delighted with the venue, the lovely, bright room and the high-quality lunch.  Odds are good we’ll be back there next year!

Here are a selection of photos from yesterday, courtesy of Michelle Walsh:

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