Trivia returns for round two

September 13, 2012 in Culture

David Pearse and Janet Moran, the stars of Trivia.

I blogged a lot about Trivia last year.  For a time, the show’s writer Damien Owens and myself were thrown together as a quiz-related double act, appearing in newspapers and on radio together, discussing all things quizzing.

For the uninitiated, Trivia was a comedy-drama (dromedy, yes?) which followed the trials and tribulations of Lawrence, a man whose life involved very little more than table quizzes.  It ran for six episodes and followed Lawrence as he realised there was more to life than, you know, table quizzes.  By the end, he’d even managed to get himself a girlfriend!

That’s what it was about really.  “It was actually a show about a romance…” a friend’s mother opined as we discussed it following the show’s final episode.  Quizzing was just a device which both defined Lawrence’s (sad) life and allowed him to meet his someone special.

Anyway, Trivia returned to our screens last Thursday night.  This was a bit of a surprise to me as I’d have thought we’d be the first to know here on the blog!  It was, in fact, Mrs who mentioned, in an offhand fashion last Thursday, that she saw Trivia was going to be on the TV later that evening.

Since then, Grand Pictures, the production company have been in touch, asking me to give the new series a mention, which I am happy to do.  Worringly for those who are more interested in quizzes than in romance and life development [raises right hand] the first episode of the new series starts off with Lawrence in self-imposed exile from the table quiz scene. Let’s hope Lawrence can develope some form of quiz-life balance in the episodes ahead.  Either that or his money problems get solved by an extended run on a TV quiz game show!

Trivia is on RTÉ One at 10.15pm tonight.  You can also catch up on the first episde of the new series at

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