Breakfast of champions

November 15, 2012 in EQC, Quizzes

I’m always open to guest posts here on the site, especially covering things I missed myself.  My early departure from Tartu meant I didn’t get to take part in the Pairs event or watch the Nations Cup final.  My team-mate Lorcan Duff, on the other hand, managed both of those things.  Here’s his report:

The Pairs event was of a standard slightly harder then the individual quiz, but a lot easier then the four person team quizzes. We were sitting at a table with a Top-10 quizzer Ronny Swiggers, from Belgium, and his partner. We didn’t disgrace ourselves at all, getting a lot of answers the Ronny pair couldn’t answer.

Pat Gibson and Kevin Ashman, neither of whom (amazingly) made the Top 10 individual final, won the event, so our Padraic and Derek chose the right quizzers to be photographed with!

So the fun quizzes did actually take place on Saturday night, but in a different venue. I would have liked to try them out, but instead spent the early morning drinking with members of the Quiz League of London.  They are talking about having a quiz weekend of their own the weekend after the World Quizzing Championships next June, with four or five countries already confirmed, along with eight English regional teams, so that is something we can think about.

On the Sunday afternoon the Nations Cup final between England and Finland took place. It was a very high standard, neck and neck most of the way.  England pulled away towards the end, thanks to a slightly stronger history knowledge base.

One of the questions asked for the name of the destructive computer worm in 2000, to which Kevin Ashman answered “Don’t take this the wrong way, Arko, but I Love You!”

With that I departed Tartu, and aside from one case of food poisoning and an unexpected 7 hour delay in Riga, I got home safely.

All in all a very enjoyable weekend. We showed we can compete on this stage, and with a bit of improvement and more experience can push up the rankings.  That said, it’s clear the people at the top are putting in an awful lot of work, and that we’ll have to match that to rival them.

Most of the quizzers I met were were friendly and fun, and relaxed about the whole thing.  There were a few people there who maybe took things slightly too seriously, judging people merely on how they scored, but they’ll surely wise up.  Besides it’s not every day you get to have breakfast at a table with a Chaser, a Mastermind finalist, a captain of an Only Connect champion team and a WWTBAM millionaire!

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  1. Agree with Lorcan re the Pairs event and the Nations Cup Final. Ronnie Swiggers and his partner the marvellously-surnamed Albert November are not just one of the best pairs around – they won the pairs event in 2008, finished 2nd in 2007 and placed 5th this year in Tartu. Lorcan and myself more or less traded at parity with them in the first four rounds and rounds 7 and 8. Round 5 was a killer (we only got 3 to the Belgian pair’s 9) and Rd 6 wasn’t much better with a measly 4. Amazingly from what I could see of the scoreboard the only pair who outscored us over the last 2 rounds of 14 questions each were Kevin & Pat in their European Pairs winning performance!) There was definitely a pattern in the Singles, Pairs and Team events of rounds 5/6 being stinkers (John famously got two in one such round in the Singles with the other three players around the table scoring one each). No announcement was made on the Sunday of where the 2013 event will be held (they tantalisingly announced that “somewhere special” was in mind but I was told at 6.50 am in Tallinn Airport on the following morning by a well-placed source that it is very likely to be in Liverpool. I wonder if any bookie will take an informed bet on the matter? Maybe the next time it comes around these parts in 2015/16 or so an Irish venue will emerge. If needs be I will forward on a copy of the questions from the pairs in the next couple of days John.

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