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November 10, 2012 in EQC, Quizzes

Individual quiz tablemates: Me, Kay, David and Jakob.

Righto. After my snafu earlier with the backspace key, I feel I owe you all some questions.

First, I need to report on how we did in this morning’s Individual Quiz. This event sees us all taking part on our own (the name would imply that, wouldn’t it?!) in eight rounds, the first seven each having 12 questions and the last round featuring 16. There are no themes or category rounds. Each one is mixed-bag/general knowledge/whatever you want to call it.

Table places are assigned based on the number we each have in the bottom-right corner of our name tags. Funnily enough, I ended up at the same table (11) as my colleague on the Irish team, David Fay. There we were joined by Kay from Norway and Jakob from Denmark.

At the end of each round, you simply swap your answer sheet with the person across the table from you, Jakob in my case, and the answers are then called out from the stage. We were all of roughly the same standard which was nice as it meant we did a lot of sympathising with each other after certain rounds. On one occasion, I “top-scored” with 2/12, whilst the others all got 1. Sufficed to say, we had a bit of fun with the whole thing.

On a personal note, I was flying at half-time. My 28 points was only 10 behind the overall leader and I was around 28th. Inside the top 30! Unforuntely, the wheels came off my wagon in the second half (cf previous paragraph) and, apart from 12/16 in the final round, I felt I let myself down.

I finished on 49 points, in an almost perfectly coincidental 48th place. This actually proved a drop in my score, compared to last year, when I got 53. However, back then that was only good enough for 73rd place, so clearly the questions were slightly more difficult this year. (Straws clutched).

Lorcan top-scored for Ireland on 52, which got him into 36th place. Padraic got 40 (and 94th place), David was one behind him (which meant 103rd) and Derek got 31, leaving him in 135th out of the 156 people who took part.

Away from Ireland, the biggest news is that the defending champion, Kevin Ashman (of Eggheads fame) has failed to qualify for Round 2. The top 10 go through to this event and his score of 64 saw him finish 12th. The leader at this stage is Englishman Olav Bjortomt on 77, with Germany’s Holger Waldenberger just one point behind. Belgium’s Bernard Kreps, Estonia’s Igor Habal and Tero Kalliolevo of Finland complete a multi-cultured top 5. The second half of the event is due to kick-off at 2.30pm and these competitors will carry their scores forward with them.

Now, on to those questions.

Nations Cup questions:

  1. Formed in 1909, they are still over 200 years younger than the university they represent. The Whiffenpoofs are an a-capella vocal group from which Ivy League Institution?
  2. Found worldwide in the tropics, by what name is the bird also called the Jesus Bird or the Lily Trotter better known?
  3. Which US state’s top three cities (in terms of population) all begin with the letter C?
  4. What is the name for the variant of the Greek language which has been the official language of the modern Greek state since 1974?
  5. Two US sports teams, one NHL one NBA, based in the same state but in differnent cities, share the same nickname. What is it?
  6. What do the letter ATF stand for in the name of a US Federal Bureau?
  7. What is the name of the Italian region, the capital of which shares its name with the Italian name for an item on the flag of Mexico?
  8. In his novels, Ian Fleming states that James Bond looks most like which American pianist, actor and bandleader?
  9. Which Canadian town is the only one in the world whose name includes not one but two exclamation marks?

Individual questions:

  1. Which three-digit number refers to the NOT FOUND error message indicating that a HTTP server cannot find the requested item?
  2. Formerly the Whitbread Round the World race, what is the name of the yacht race around the world that is held every three years?
  3. Born in 1907 and actor in classics such as It’s a Wonderful Life and To have and have not, Sheldon Leonard is no best-known for giving his name to the two main characters in which TV show?
  4. On 6 April 2012, in which European capital city were 11,541 empty chairs set out along Titova St. to mark a 20th anniversary?
  5. The work Le Piacevoli Notte (Nights of Straparola) is a collection of 75 stories by the 16th century writer Gianfresco Straparola. It is considered the oldest European collection of which kind of stories?
  6. Which West African nation has given the world the dance craze known as the Azonto?
  7. Which human substance, that tends to be more of the wet type in European or Africans and more of the dry type in Americans and Asians, is also effective – but for obvious reasons not very popular – remedy for cracked lips?
  8. Almost one quarter of all chess matches begin with the moves e4 c5. This is the opening move of a defence, named after which Mediterranean island?
  9. He won two CART championships in North America during the last 1990s, drove in Formula One and lost both his legs in a crach in 2001. Who won three handbiking medals at the London Paralympics in 2012?
  10. The practice started in 1952 and has been repeated during the most recent Detroit Red Wings home playoff games. What creatures are thrown on the ice by the fans to support their team?

2 responses to Questions from Tartu

  1. Team looked harder than last year. probably means the ‘pub quiz’ will involve much polish harsipchord revival. Mad request but at some point John could you post the full quiz if you still have the questions? I still have most of last years if you want them

    • David, I don’t have many questions from the team quizzes as they didn’t give out papers for those. I do have all the questions from the individual quiz, if they’d be any good to you?

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