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Not long left to vote for ‘After the Fact’

January 28, 2013 in Podcast, Quiz Show

Perhaps you haven’t heard but After the Fact, the quiz show I host on Claremorris Community Radio, was last Autumn nominated for a European Podcast Award.

The (rather long-winded) award process is about to change stages this week. On February 1st, the public voting phase ends and the category shortlists will be announced. A judging panel will then review the remaining podcasts before the winners are announced during March sometime.

So, there are just a few days left to vote for After the Fact! * If you’d like to do so, please click on this link right here: Vote for After the Fact. **

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The world’s biggest (mystery) quiz

January 22, 2013 in Quizzes

big-big-quiz“On a day in March…” begins one of the explanatory blurbs on, the home site of what promises to be not just Ireland’s but “the world’s biggest table quiz”.

Furthermore, it will all be for charity, with each cause involved being promised more than €3,500 from the night of the quiz.

Aside from those facts, I can’t tell you much more as the site is vague to the point of fogginess. There’s talk of the questions being broadcast on television to “over 1,000 venues” and “100,000 participants”, which sounds great.

So far I have been unable to get any more info. Emails have been sent to the address on the site and via their Facebook page, to no avail. A phone call to the number listed on the site goes through what sounds like a forwarding process before ending with an engaged tone. I couldn’t even leave a message. 🙁

So far, this is a quiz with way more questions than answers.

Quizzing opportunities and answers

January 11, 2013 in Quiz Show, Quizzes

victoria-corenI’ve been notified of a couple of opportunities for quizzing in the last week. Firstly, the first-ever Tri-Nations Quizzing Tournament, featuring teams from Ireland, Scotland and Wales will take place in Edinburgh on the last weekend of April this year. This weekend of quizzing promises to be great fun and allows quizzers from each country to sample international quizzing. For more information, the Irish Quiz Organisation page on Facebook will keep you updated over the next few weeks.

Does anyone fancy meeting Victoria Coren?* If you do, and you live somewhere in the UK**, the producers of fiendish BBC television show Only Connect are currently seeking contestants for their next series. You can find more info by checking out this handy PDF file.

Finally, the answers to the sporting questions posed on Monday last (A podium place) are posted after the Read the rest… Click to see how you got on.
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A podium place

January 7, 2013 in Quizzes

This time last year our sporting knowledge team had a bit of a nightmare at the annual Claremorris AFC Sports Quiz.

quiz-books-smFor those who don’t recall (and are too lazy to click the link above), our group was in contention throughout the night before taking the lead after round 8. Alas, we came unstuck in the very next round and collapsed to outside of the top 5 places.

This year things didn’t turn out that bad – whilst not being as good either. We seemed to the spend the whole night in third place and where did we end up finishing? Yup, third place.

We did have an enjoyable night all round. This started in the bar before-hand, where we encountered a novel form of fundraising: quiz books! Cancer Care West are selling a series of sports trivia quiz books as a money raiser. Pick up one if you see them as they’re a great idea. Then again, I might be biased!

The main event was very nicely run. Unfortunately for the organisers there wasn’t a huge crowd in. Somewhere in the region of 14 tables took part in what is normally a sell-out event. Consensus decided that a rival sports club’s running of a poker night across town was largely to blame for this.
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David Fay RIP

January 1, 2013 in IQO

The late David Fay

The late David Fay

2012 was a landmark year for quizzing in Ireland. In June the first-ever Irish heat of the World Quizzing Championship took place in Athlone and, on that same day, the Irish Quiz Organisation was founded.

At the very end of the year though, all of us involved in international quizzing were shocked by the sudden death of the man who was elected Chairperson of the IQO that day, David Fay.

David, a blue-and-blue Dubliner, was involved in quizzing his entire life, both hosting and taking part. He wrote the questions for a regular quiz night in a bar in his native Cabra for over 11 years. He also competed in quizzes at the highest level, as far back as the national quizzes hosted in the 1980s by the late Peter Murphy.

He was also the man who ignited my own interest in international quizzing. In October 2010, I happened to turn on my radio on a weekday afternoon, tuning in to the Sean Moncrieff show. At that exact moment, David was his guest – he was trying to put together an Irish team to take part in the 2010 European Quizzing Championship. He knew he was good enough but he needed some team-mates to join him. Desperation had led him to taking to the airwaves. He even gave out his personal phone number for interested quizzers to contact him on. I called the number.

Alas, it was all a bit short-notice for me, as the EQC was taking place the following week. In fact, David ended up having to go to Derby (that year’s venue) on his own. It didn’t disuade him though and, while there, he showed that Ireland did have elite quizzers.
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