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Quizzing in Englisch (part 2)

March 29, 2013 in Quizzes

now-1998-cropIt’s time for part 2 of my report on the quiz we took part in while on holiday in Berlin earlier this week.

Just to reiterate a point I made in yesterday’s post, I was absolutely appalled by the smokey atmosphere in the pub. It was rotten.  On the night it was horrible and, for the rest of out holiday, myself and Mrs TQ quarantined the clothes we were wearing that night.  Honestly, it’s one law I’m delighted we have here in Ireland and, I think, once one gets used to smoke-free pubs (and, more appropriately for this blog, smoke-free quizzes) one can never go back.

Ok, that rant over!  Please click on the ‘Read the rest…’ link to see the answers to the questions posed yesterday and to hear the music round: The hits of 1998.

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Quizzing in Englisch

March 28, 2013 in Quizzes

The man who might be Dave

Quizmaster: The man who might be Dave

Table quizzes are all about knowledge, team-work and team formation.  Knowledge is an obvious need, team-work (the chemistry between you) makes sense to anyone but team formation?

Well, here’s an example of how not to do it.  Last Friday night myself, Ger and two of our friends, Andrew and Adrian, met up for a quiz in Knock.  You’d think we’d have done well – we all know a thing or two.  Unfortunately we all seemed to know the same things – or, more aptly, didn’t know the same things.  Things such as the music of Taylor Swift, where Galley Head can be found and what the largest ingredient in a bottle of Coca-Cola is.  Ok, that last one definitely wasn’t our fault – how do they not think water is part of the recipe?!  But the others, and more like them, definitely were.  Whilst we were one off the lead at half-time, we dropped away completely after the break and ended up in fifth.

For the first few days of this week, myself and Mrs TQ were in Berlin, for a short break. I had forewarned my acquaintance Sebastian Klussmann from the German Quizzing Association and, sure enough, he found a quiz (in English!) for us to try our hand at.  He even brought along Chris, a friend of his who originally hails from Birmingham.

The quiz took place in a pub called ‘Das Gift’.  Now, don’t be fooled (as I was).  Gift is this case is not a loan word.  In fact it’s the German word for poison.  Once inside, I found the pub to be appropriately named.  Seb told me that smoking has been banned in bars in Berlin for several years now but I could hardly see him when he told me that, such was the thickness of the tobacco smoke in the air between us. 🙁  Apparently, in that Hipster part of Berlin, the law is, to quote the bard, “more honour’d in the breach than the observance”.

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Vegetarians, here are the answers

March 21, 2013 in Quizzes

Just a quick post to put up the answers to the questions I posted on Tuesday in Vegetarians, look away now.

Click the Read the rest… link to see them

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Vegetarians, look away now

March 19, 2013 in Quizzes

Tasty trophy

The future of my tasty trophy…

Last Friday, for the first time in the four years I’ve lived at my current address, I attended a quiz in my local pub. This particular venue, the Coney Island Bar & Lounge, is about a mile from my house – which makes it about four miles closer than any other. Still, if no quizzes take place you can’t attend them and, as far as I know, this was the first one in those four years.

It was the 2013 version of Gorthaganny National School quiz which I was so enthralled by last year. This year’s quiz sadly did not feature those futuristic buzzers which seemed to usher in a new era in quizzing. They still might but, on Friday night, it was retro quizzing with paper scoresheets, biros and manual counting.

I turned up on spec and ended up on a team with two neighbours, Tommy and Mary, and another Thomas, who hails from the other side of the village. It was that kind of event.

The quiz was once again created by the teachers of the school and they did a great job. Almost all the rounds were themed – and in creative ways. Two off the top of my head were called ‘Parts of the body’ (where the answer was always a homonym of a body part) and ‘Feathered friends’, in which a bird featured in the answer. If you look through the questions at the end of the post you’ll notice that we didn’t ace the latter of those two.

Still, we did well, and were in joint-first place at half-time. We thought our goose was cooked in round seven though, which featured questions taken from the fifth and sixth class curricula. (Again, see the questions below). Unfortunately, even though we are all parents, none of our children have yet reached the big kids room and we struggled. In the end, we felt lucky to get out of there with a seven.

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Well that was a lot of fun

March 4, 2013 in Grand Prix, IQO, Quizzes

dublin-trophy-smThe first Dublin Quiz Open (indeed the first event of its kind in Ireland) took place on Saturday last in Glasnevin. I’m delighted to say that the day exceeded all expectations – both for myself and, I dare say, the organisers.

In total 38 quizzers turned up to The Addison Lodge, the day’s venue and there they got to take part in three different quizzes, spread over six hours. The organisers had done a terrific job of covering all the bases: the stage featured a projector and amplifier, there were trophies to be won and there were several tins of assorted biscuits (aka ‘brain food’) being passed around. It was all pretty sweet!

First up was the International Hot-100, the entry period for this month being open until tonight, if anyone who didn’t make it on Saturday still wants to take part. Anyway, for reasons outlined in the previous sentence, I won’t make any comment on the questions asked etc. Until tomorrow comes, it simply wouldn’t be fair.

The team quiz was the second event of the day. If numbers had been low, the plan was to run this as a pairs event. Thankfully, there was no need for that. What was needed though was a random draw to allocate teams for the many people who came without one (myself being one of these people). The draw put me in a three-man team, with two Dublin quizzers, Michael Connolly and Gary Stephens. Stuck for a team name (what’s new?), we plumped for the two items which had been left on our table in the interval following the Hot-100: Bic Biros and Biscuits.

Throughout the opening rounds we were a model of consistency, never scoring less than 7, never scoring more than 8. When the quiz paused after round #3 for lunch, we were in third place, 3 points off the lead.
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