Quizzing in Englisch (part 2)

March 29, 2013 in Quizzes

now-1998-cropIt’s time for part 2 of my report on the quiz we took part in while on holiday in Berlin earlier this week.

Just to reiterate a point I made in yesterday’s post, I was absolutely appalled by the smokey atmosphere in the pub. It was rotten.  On the night it was horrible and, for the rest of out holiday, myself and Mrs TQ quarantined the clothes we were wearing that night.  Honestly, it’s one law I’m delighted we have here in Ireland and, I think, once one gets used to smoke-free pubs (and, more appropriately for this blog, smoke-free quizzes) one can never go back.

Ok, that rant over!  Please click on the ‘Read the rest…’ link to see the answers to the questions posed yesterday and to hear the music round: The hits of 1998.

Questions answered:

  1. Which famous Dick wrote The Sheep-Pig which was adapted into the film Babe? A> Dick King-Smith
  2. Which American comedian and social activist unsuccessfully ran for President of the United States in 1968 as a write-in candidate of the Freedom and Peace Party? A> Dick Gregory


  1. Whitening dredges = The Wedding Singer
  2. Wormy patent = Pretty Woman
  3. Lethal stash = She’s All That
  4. A beatnik’s taffy farts = Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  5. Tasted iffy first = Fifty First Dates
  6. Till nothing = Notting Hill
  7. A testes hogging vomit = Something’s Gotta Give
  8. Actual volley = Love Actually
  9. Cheddar swingers = Wedding Crashers
  10. A dry family = My Fair Lady

And, here it is, the night’s music round (20 points available, one each for artists and song title):

1998 – Name the song by John Nolan on Mixcloud

Update: answers here.

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