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April 6, 2013 in Quizzes

food-quiz-screenLast Monday night, the second annual Galway Food Festival came to a close. Like its first year, the final event of the weekend was a table quiz hosted by The King’s Head, High Street. Also, like last year, I was the quiz masterchef.

It’s rare, even for me, to do the exact same event one year on. This did enable me to put into action some of the advice/feedback I received 12 months ago, following that first food quiz.

In 2012, everyone had loved the taster round (which included the likes of cumin seed, thyme and cardamon) so this year we had two! I added a liquid-based taster round to programme. Thankfully, everyone enjoyed it. There were even calls for a second round of samples! 🙂

That was about the height of it for drink fans though. Last year’s feedback had also included an email telling me that there were too many drink questions! So, I made the quiz almost entirely food-based this year. Well, it is a food festival, to be fair.

The first year’s champions, The Kitchen, were invited up on stage at the start of the night to be presented with a commemorative plate, designed by Judy Greene. Would they be returning to the stage again at the end of the night, I wondered…

The liquid taster round

The liquid taster round

As well as the taster rounds, the night featured two picture rounds (identify the pasta type and name the Irish food producer) and a music round in which the song titles all included food. I will hopefully post some of those items in a day or two’s time.

The quiz proceeded at a good pace and with good spirits in the room. At least two of the tables in front of me were engaged in a personal battle to out-do each other on every single question, which was very entertaining from where I was sitting.

Here are a few sample questions for you to try:

  1. When milk curdles, the solid part is called ‘curd’, what is the liquid part called?
  2. What is the main ingredient in Marzipan?
  3. Which soup dish of leeks and chicken stock, considered the national soup of Scotland, actually originated in France?
  4. Which soup is a delicacy in Chinese cuisine made from the salivary excretions of the swiftlet?
  5. Named after the special earthenware pot in which it is cooked, what North African dish is a rich stew of meat, chicken or fish, and most often includes vegetables or fruit?
  6. What Canadian dish (originally from Quebec), is made with french fries, topped with brown gravy and curd cheese?
  7. Which famous cookware manufacturer has been based in the city of Fresnoy-le-Grand, France, since 1925?
  8. Its name means ‘half moon’ in its language of origin. Which kitchen aid is a knife consisting of a single or double curved blade with a handle on each end, often used for chopping herbs?
  9. Officially, what does a pie have that a tart does not?
  10. Following a 2012 decision at the European Parliament, March 24th 2013 became the first European day of what very popular dessert food?
  11. A traditional Scottish dessert, in modern times it is usually made from a mixture of whipped cream, whisky, honey and fresh raspberries with toasted oatmeal. What is it called?

We also had a prize for the best team name which was won emphaticly (as in, they definitely got the biggest cheer I’ve ever heard at any of these quizzes) by a team up on the balcony called: “Fat kids don’t get kidnapped”. Don’t ask me where they got that from.

At the end of the night, how did it all pan out? Well, sure enough, The Kitchen did indeed win again! They scored a brilliant 100/110, finishing a full six points ahead of their nearest challengers. Let’s hope we’re all there again in 12 month’s time as they go for three-in-a-row.

Here’s a small gallery of (quite dark) photos from the night:

Update: answers here.

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