When the Sun goes down

July 22, 2013 in Quizzes

A very different quiz venue

How about this for a quiz venue?

Last Friday evening, I hosted a quiz in Headford, Co. Galway. It was in aid of the Solstice Arts Group, which is based in the town.

True to their modus operandi, the Solstice folks went above and beyond with their staging of the quiz at Campbell’s Tavern. It’s a bar situated in a quiet spot, just off the main road, with a nice beer garden. Seeing as we’ve been going through a heat wave recently, the idea cropped up that the quiz could take place outside. “Would you mind John?” I was asked. I jumped at the chance.

It was a lovely evening with a lovely crowd. That said, we did have a few teething problems. For instance, in the run up to the quiz I had put together four picture rounds. Yes, four! (I figured an arts group would enjoy the visual rounds). Anyway, we didn’t have a big screen set up so the pics rounds were on old-skool paper. Fine at the start of the night but by round 8, the teams were doing their best to recognise the pics using the nightlights in the middle of their tables!


They say the darkest hour is just before round 10…

The winning team scored 80* which I was very happy with. I was even more happy when the team who’d finished bottom of the pile (on 54) told me they had enjoyed the quiz and had a great night. They were also delighted with the wooden spoons they’d received for this achievement!

The Solstice group also came up with another innovation I think may have a future on the quiz scene.  As with many quizzes, they had received many gifts to be raffled off as a further fund-raiser and all these prizes were displayed on a table up front.  Rather than offer any specific prize for the winning team (such as cash, four bottles of wine etc) they simply presented the winners with a small trophy each and then gave them their pick from the raffle table.  Two chose bottles of wine, one took a voucher and the fourth picked a crate of beer.  They all left happy.  Watch out for that one.

Best of luck to the Solstice Group in their future activities and to the people of Headford who, earlier that night in the same bar, launched their own arts festival, Headfest 2013.

If you’d like to try any of the four picture rounds, well good news – I’ve attached them below. Have a go before I post the answers in the middle of the week.

* I threw in a few bonus points so this was out of 105.

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