Quick report on the September GP

September 9, 2013 in IQO

As Chairperson, I got to present Lorcan Duff with his prize for winning the individual quiz.

As Chairperson, I got to present Lorcan Duff with his prize for winning the individual quiz.

A great day was had by all at the IQO‘s September Grand Prix (including the British Quiz Championships) on Saturday.

This was our first link-up with the British Quizzing Association and (the quiz) proved quite a challenge.  The quiz itself is akin to a slightly smaller version of the World Quizzing Championship that takes place each June.  It features two papers, each of which contains three categories.  As I outlined a week or so back, they are Art & Culture, Civilisation, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Physical World and Sport/Games.  Your top five scores are counted with your lowest number being dropped.

Personally, I was a model of consistency, scoring 48 in the first half and 49 in the second.  Thus my gross score was 97 but, following the removal of my lowest (14), the net score that counted was 83.  This was good enough for joint-fourth behind Lorcan Duff, James Andrews and Kevin Jones.  No shame in that at all, I think.  Congrats to all.

Lifestyle seems to be a particular strength for the Irish quizzers as David Lea (quizzing at the UK event) won gold in the category whilst Dan O’Malley, with us in Dublin, won the silver.  Well done men!  You can view the full rankings on the BQA site.

I finished level with the form man of Irish quizzing at the moment, Derek Cray, whose push for a place on the A team for the Europeans may have started just too late.  At this rate though, I predict he willl be a dark horse for the singles in Liverpool.

After a lunch break we did the International Hot-100.  In this, my form dipped a bit from the highs of the last two months.  This was even after I adopted an experimental ‘soup only’ policy in the wake of my terrible performance in the afternoon of the Worlds.  I think the lighter lunch may remain though as it’s nice to not be feeling sleepy when you’re trying to remember who wrote Blood Brothers.

Finally, we conducted a team quiz, using a set of questions also provided by the BQA.  These must have proved just as suitable to Lorcan as the morning’s questions as he was also a member of the winning team here.  His team-mates for this victory were Dermot Downes and Una Cray.  Alas, I’ve lost my notes for the scores achieved in this.  Hopefully they’ll end up on the IQO site over the next few days.

Well done to the Dublin-based members of the IQO committee for organising the event.  We had a great day – so good that I didn’t get out of there until nearly 9pm!  Hopefully Tullamore next month will be just as fun.

Thanks also to the BQA for letting us link-up and be a satellite venue.

That’s about all for now.  You can see some photos from the Addison Lodge below.  These are just the one I had on my phone.  Hopefully, I can get my hands on some more later in the week.  Until then, talk soon.

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