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Answers for everybody in the audience

October 25, 2013 in Quizzes

bundle-eurosHere are the answers to the questions I posted at the start of the week.

Just before I get to them though, I just want to let you know about a massive quiz I’ve just heard of. St. Brigid’s GAA Club will host what they are calling their “First International Sports Quiz” on November 29th in the Hodson Bay Hotel, just outside Athlone. Sports fans will surely be tempted as there is a massive prize fund in place: €6,000 in total!

That’s right, €3,000 for first prize, with second and third ‘only’ getting €2,000 and €1,000. On the flip side, you’d have to be confident about your level of knowledge. The entrance fee is an eye-watering €200 for a table of four.

There’s a bit more info in the quiz calendar. I’ll do a fuller report on this (given that it’s so close to me) when I find out more.

Update: Here is the entry form for the St Brigid’s Quiz. Closing date for entries, November 15th.

Now, on with the answers….
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One for everybody in the audience

October 21, 2013 in Quizzes

ryan-t-toy-showLast Thursday night I hosted a quiz in Claremorris, in aid of the home of my radio show, Claremorris Community Radio.

A modest enough crowd of 12 tables took part and I think all enjoyed themselves.

The winners on the night scored 89/110 and won by three points. Their prize was pretty good: €500 of toy vouchers! That’ll be handy over the next few months. 🙂

Not being a competitor, I haven’t a clue what they missed but here are a selection of questions from the night, along with two picture rounds*.


  1. Which Irish guitarist, a former member of The Radiators from Space and The Pogues, died at age 56 on October 8th?
  2. The launch of which British singer/songwriter’s autobiography saw shops across Britain open (as the Irish Times put it “Harry Potter style”) at midnight for potential buyers?
  3. This week the Greek parliament voted to lift the immunity of six politicians from that nation’s far-right political party. What is the name of that party?
  4. Galway won this year’s All-Ireland senior camogie championship. How many times in their history have they lifted the O’Duffy Cup?
  5. Which jockey broke the existing record of 115 wins, set by Mick Kinnane in 1993, when he rode his 116th winner of the flat season in Navan last week?
  6. Which club won this year’s Australian Rules Grand Final on 28th September?
  7. What year? George HW Bush becomes President of the USA; China’s government cracks down on protests in Tiananmen Square in June; Greg Lemond won the Tour de France by just 8 seconds, the narrowest ever margin of victory.
  8. What year? President Erskine Childers dies in office; Turkish forces invade Cyrpus; Jimmy Connors wins the Wimbledon mens singles.
  9. Which Wicklow village’s name is a combination the names of an Irish county and the county town of a different county?
  10. Ballina in county Tipperary is one half of a pair of twin towns, joined by an 18th century stone bridge. What is the name of the town on the other end of this bridge?

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No luck in Naas

October 16, 2013 in Housekeeping, Quizzes

John-banditThe Irish Blog Awards were handed out on Saturday night last in Naas. For the second year running, left empty-handed. 🙁

I guess I should be happy, all told. The site was chosen as a finalist in two categories this year, as opposed to one 12 months ago. However, when you’ve twice trucked all the way to Kildare and received nowt but some nicely designed (if hastily scrawled) certificates, it’s takes the wind out a little.

We did have a great night (see photo!). And hey, even if we didn’t win, we were there – which is more than can be said for the winners of 10-or-so categories. 😉

Anyway, back to the quizzing. Thursday evening will be busy as, after the usual live broadcast of After the Fact, I am the host of a table quiz in aid of Claremorris Community Radio.

There’s a great prize up for grabs, especially as we reach this time of year: a €500 voucher for Smyths’ Toys for the winning team!

The quiz is slated for 8.30pm in The Dalton Inn, Claremorris. Admission is €40 for a team of four. I hope to see you there.

Please note: I won’t be wearing the bandit mask on the night.

Answers, George…

October 11, 2013 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the questions I posted earlier this week.

I don’t really have anything to tell you otherwise. Last night’s After the Fact was very entertaining and you can check it out on the show page.

Next up for me is Blog Awards Ireland night, which is on this Saturday in Naas. Fingers are crossed!
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Where did it all go wrong, George?

October 8, 2013 in Quizzes

head_hands-smIn yesterday’s post, I mentioned at the very end that the my team in Saturday’s social quiz threw away the lead in the final round. We’d been out front since the first round and, going in to the final 12 questions, still lead by two.

However, we then finished like Devon Loch.

Since then, I have been subject to a gleeful, mock sympathy from certain friends. “Musha John, what happened to ye?” they ask, in a tone which indicates they’re not really that interested in an actual explanation…

To be fair to one of them, he did ask to see the questions from the round involved. So here we are, he (and you) can have a go at these 12 questions, as compiled by IQO treasurer John Groarke. You’ll probably be able to guess what county he hails from by the end. 😉

  1. The price of crude oil from which North Sea field is widely used as te benchmark for oil prices in Europe and OPEC countries? The field has the same name as species of goose, common in Ireland in the winter.
  2. What cocktail is a mixture of vodka, lime juice, triple sec and cranberry juice?
  3. Which antarctic explorer left England in 1914 aboard the Endurance?
  4. Entomology is the study of what?
  5. The name of which famous soft drink is an anagram for a word meaning “denoting or relating to a bishop”?
  6. Who wrote The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
  7. Published in June 2012 and written by Gillian Flynn, which book, with an alliterative title, is still in the Irish bestsellers list, is being made into a film starring Ben Affleck and concerns whether or not the lead character, Nick Dunne, has killed his wife?
  8. Which hormone, secreted by the outer layer of the adrenal gland, has been synthesised and is commonly used as an anti-inflammatory for conditions like rheumatied arthritis?
  9. It boasts that it has “the largest readership in county Offaly” and incorporates the Offaly Vindicator and the Leinster Reporter. Which Tullamore-based newspaper is published every Wednesday?
  10. The character Mrs Tesman is better known by which maiden name in the title of an Ibsen play?
  11. Which jazz trumpeter released the albums Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain in 1959-60?
  12. Dublin won their 24th senior All Ireland Football title this year (significantly more than Meath or Mayo) but who scored Dublin’s last point in the final, effectively the winner given that they only won by one point?

Myself, John O’Sullivan and Anthony Mangan scored a not-very-good 7/12, which was a bit of a problem as the average score among the other teams was 10.

How did you do? (Answers tomorrow sometime).

My day as a BIFFO

October 7, 2013 in IQO, Quizzes

sad-clownAs outlined in my post from last Friday, I had to both achieve something spectacular on Saturday and hope for a bit of a miracle in the performances of my rivals for the Irish A team.

Alas, it was not to be. As Larry Gogan says regularly (and Kevin Jones said very rarely on Saturday), the questions in this month’s Hot-100 quiz didn’t suit me. I found it quite hard and puffed and panted my way to 49/100. As it turned out, everyone else found it hard too and that number was good enough for second in the room, behind the aforementioned Mr Jones.

However, even before we’d heard from the other venues I knew that I hadn’t done enough. The top Irish score was already at least the 55 scored by Kevin, so the best ranking score I could have received was (49/55) x 100 = 89. As outlined on Friday, I needed something in the mid-90s to improve my fifth-place ranking.

So it’s the B1 team and the Aspirational Cup for me. That will be fun in a different, lower pressure kind of way. If the A team do well, and I am seriously optimistic, I’ll have no shame in saying “I’m with those guys!”*
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Pressure, what pressure?

October 4, 2013 in IQO, Quizzes

OktobertestThe final Irish Quiz Organisation ranking event (of 2013) takes place this Saturday in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

Oktobertest, so named as we are linking with our German equivalent to offer Irish quizzers the chance to take part in the 2013 German Open, which is taking place on that day. Don’t worry, the questions will be in English! It’s happening in the Clonamore House Hotel and the quizzing starts at 11am.

For yours truly, the heat is on. The top four ranked quizzers qualify to represent Ireland in the Nations Cup at the European Quizzing Championships, which take place this year in Liverpool at the start of November. As of last month, I have slipped out of this hallowed grouping, and currently reside at fifth in the table.

Here are the top eight, as things currently stand (with ranking points included):

  1. Lorcan Duff, 105.9
  2. David Lea, 104.4
  3. Dave McBryan, 95.7
  4. Padraic Fanning, 95.2
  5. John Nolan, 94.3
  6. Kevin Jones, 92.8
  7. John Hayes, 90.1
  8. Mark Henry, 86.4

Obviously, the top two are safe. Mathematically so, as there are only 100 points available to the best finisher at this weekend’s event. For the rest of us though, two places are still up for grabs.
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We’re going to Naas (again!)

October 2, 2013 in Housekeeping, Podcast

blog_awards_2013_badge_finalistsmGreat news everyone, for the second year running has made the final cut for the Irish Blog Awards! Better yet, we are finalists in not one but two categories!

The site itself has made the final five of the Best Sport / Recreation Blog, which is probably a more suitable category than last year’s pop culture shortlisting. There’s some heavy hitters in this category so I’ll be going more in hope than expectation, as the cliché would have it!

Our other nomination is for best podcast or, as it’s somewhat awkwardly named, Best Podcast Blog. This is now one of my proudest achievements in quizzing. I’ve been hosting (and writing the questions for) After the Fact for two-and-a-half series now and it’s nice that our great little show has gotten a bit of recognition. I’m not going to hide my light under a bushell here. I’m immensely proud of this show that myself, Andrew, Lorraine and our guests put out each week. If you haven’t listened to it already, please head over to the show’s page to check out the archive.

Whether we’ll win the award though is anybody’s guess. Once again, the other finalists are excellent, including last year’s winner of the same prize, The Sodshow.

I’ll have a good night at the awards, in any case! 😉 The awards will be handed out on Saturday, October 12th.