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October 25, 2013 in Quizzes

bundle-eurosHere are the answers to the questions I posted at the start of the week.

Just before I get to them though, I just want to let you know about a massive quiz I’ve just heard of. St. Brigid’s GAA Club will host what they are calling their “First International Sports Quiz” on November 29th in the Hodson Bay Hotel, just outside Athlone. Sports fans will surely be tempted as there is a massive prize fund in place: €6,000 in total!

That’s right, €3,000 for first prize, with second and third ‘only’ getting €2,000 and €1,000. On the flip side, you’d have to be confident about your level of knowledge. The entrance fee is an eye-watering €200 for a table of four.

There’s a bit more info in the quiz calendar. I’ll do a fuller report on this (given that it’s so close to me) when I find out more.

Update: Here is the entry form for the St Brigid’s Quiz. Closing date for entries, November 15th.

Now, on with the answers….


  1. Which Irish guitarist, a former member of The Radiators from Space and The Pogues, died at age 56 on October 8th? A> Philip Chevron
  2. The launch of which British singer/songwriter’s autobiography saw shops across Britain open (as the Irish Times put it “Harry Potter style”) at midnight for potential buyers? A> Morrissey
  3. This week the Greek parliament voted to lift the immunity of six politicians from that nation’s far-right political party. What is the name of that party? A> Golden Dawn
  4. Galway won this year’s All-Ireland senior camogie championship. How many times in their history have they lifted the O’Duffy Cup? A> Twice (1996 and 2013)
  5. Which jockey broke the existing record of 115 wins, set by Mick Kinnane in 1993, when he rode his 116th winner of the flat season in Navan last week? A> Joseph O’Brien
  6. Which club won this year’s Australian Rules Grand Final on 28th September? A> Hawthorn
  7. What year? George HW Bush becomes President of the USA; China’s government cracks down on protests in Tiananmen Square in June; Greg Lemond won the Tour de France by just 8 seconds, the narrowest ever margin of victory. A> 1989
  8. What year? President Erskine Childers dies in office; Turkish forces invade Cyrpus; Jimmy Connors wins the Wimbledon mens singles. A> 1974
  9. Which Wicklow village’s name is a combination the names of an Irish county and the county town of a different county? A> Enniskerry
  10. Ballina in county Tipperary is one half of a pair of twin towns, joined by an 18th century stone bridge. What is the name of the town on the other end of this bridge? A> Killaloe


  1. Sean Brady / Biretta
  2. Humphrey Bogart / Fedora
  3. Tommy Cooper / Fez
  4. Fred Astaire / (Straw) Boater
  5. Katy Perry / Sombrero
  6. Benedict Cumberbatch / Deerstalker
  7. Johnny Depp / Tricorne
  8. Princess Beatrice Windsor / Fascinator
  9. Michael Caine / Pith Helmet
  10. Daniel Radcliffe / The Sorting Hat


  1. Pay through the nose
  2. (Big) Fuss over nothing
  3. Round of applause
  4. Out on a limb
  5. Too few to mention
  6. Gross injustice
  7. Down on the farm
  8. Bend over backwards
  9. Going against the grain
  10. For ever and ever

Hope you liked ’em.

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