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October 7, 2013 in IQO, Quizzes

sad-clownAs outlined in my post from last Friday, I had to both achieve something spectacular on Saturday and hope for a bit of a miracle in the performances of my rivals for the Irish A team.

Alas, it was not to be. As Larry Gogan says regularly (and Kevin Jones said very rarely on Saturday), the questions in this month’s Hot-100 quiz didn’t suit me. I found it quite hard and puffed and panted my way to 49/100. As it turned out, everyone else found it hard too and that number was good enough for second in the room, behind the aforementioned Mr Jones.

However, even before we’d heard from the other venues I knew that I hadn’t done enough. The top Irish score was already at least the 55 scored by Kevin, so the best ranking score I could have received was (49/55) x 100 = 89. As outlined on Friday, I needed something in the mid-90s to improve my fifth-place ranking.

So it’s the B1 team and the Aspirational Cup for me. That will be fun in a different, lower pressure kind of way. If the A team do well, and I am seriously optimistic, I’ll have no shame in saying “I’m with those guys!”*

Saturday was a very enjoyable day in Tullamore. We basically had a capacity crowd for the room we were using in the Clonamore House Hotel. 11 new players took part and, of that number, four hadn’t even made contact with us in advance – they just came on in and took part after seeing an article about the event in a local newspaper.

Kevin Jones was on fire throughout the day. His score of 123 was an easy winner of the German-themed prizes** on offer for the German Open quiz. Padraic Fanning finished second on 110, just one ahead of Tullamore resident Mark Henry. John Hayes was the fourth and final person to exceed 100, scoring 103. I was fifth on 96. You can see the full list of scores on the IQO Facebook page:

To round the evening out, we had a social team quiz, featuring randomly chosen groupings. This was won by ‘Four Brains are better than three?’, a team consisting of Christine Mooney, Deirdre Brosnan, Dan O’Malley and Gary Stephens. Their name is a little nod to the fact that, because of awkward maths, they were the only team in the room with more than three players. So, of course their win must be asterisked for ever more.***

A great day all round and a fitting end to the IQO‘s domestic activities for the year. Well done to the organising team, particularly Derek for doing the heavy lifting, Gary for promoting it so successfully and John for writing the questions for the team quiz. You can check out a gallery of photos from Saturday on the IQO Facebook page (direct link:

All that’s left to do now is go to Liverpool and quiz the ‘ell out of the place!

* I’ll probably try and jump in to the photos as well…
* Think Blue Nun, Liebfraumilch, that sort of thing.
** Nothing to do with my team, Anthony and the Johnsons, collapsing and throwing away the lead in the final round or anything!

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