Pressure, what pressure?

October 4, 2013 in IQO, Quizzes

OktobertestThe final Irish Quiz Organisation ranking event (of 2013) takes place this Saturday in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

Oktobertest, so named as we are linking with our German equivalent to offer Irish quizzers the chance to take part in the 2013 German Open, which is taking place on that day. Don’t worry, the questions will be in English! It’s happening in the Clonamore House Hotel and the quizzing starts at 11am.

For yours truly, the heat is on. The top four ranked quizzers qualify to represent Ireland in the Nations Cup at the European Quizzing Championships, which take place this year in Liverpool at the start of November. As of last month, I have slipped out of this hallowed grouping, and currently reside at fifth in the table.

Here are the top eight, as things currently stand (with ranking points included):

  1. Lorcan Duff, 105.9
  2. David Lea, 104.4
  3. Dave McBryan, 95.7
  4. Padraic Fanning, 95.2
  5. John Nolan, 94.3
  6. Kevin Jones, 92.8
  7. John Hayes, 90.1
  8. Mark Henry, 86.4

Obviously, the top two are safe. Mathematically so, as there are only 100 points available to the best finisher at this weekend’s event. For the rest of us though, two places are still up for grabs.

It will be tough to dislodge Dave McBryan and Padraic Fanning, the men in possession. The Irish system sees your six best scores averaged out. Your score, to explain, is the percentage of your quiz score in relation to the best placed Irish finisher. The Irish quizzer with the highest score gets 100 ranking points (or 120 if it’s a Grand Prix) and the others are worked from that. It’s explained more fully here. So, even if either Dave or Padraic had a bit of a ‘mare this weekend, it wouldn’t affect their ranking score. Simply put, a single bad performance won’t affect your six best scores, so your ranking points will stay the same.

Here are my best six, from which my score is calculated:

  • 94.12
  • 89.23
  • 105.88
  • 93.24
  • 91.14
  • 92.21 = 94.3 average

So what do I have to do? Again, it’s worked off your six best scores, so the best I can hope for is to at least exceed 89.23 and thus replace that figure with my score on Saturday. Of course, even then I need Padraic or Dave to not score enough to raise their own rankings. If that were to be the case, I still have to score 95 ranking points this weekend to jump into fourth. Even worse, I need to score 98 ranking points to hop over Dave McB!

Is it possible? Well, anything is I suppose. It depends on which Irish quizzers take part, for one thing. If Lorcan or David Lea do the quiz, my chances of approaching 100 points are pretty slim to be honest.

Of course, I’m still going to Liverpool and I’ll take part in the same quizzes as everyone else. Competitors who haven’t made their nation’s top team can still take part in the brilliantly named Aspirational Cup, which runs parrallel to the Nations Cup, using the same questions. So I’ll be having fun, no matter how it all pans out.

I’ll let you know here come Monday. Until then.

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