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November 26, 2013 in Quizzes

high-kingsWith respect to yesterday morning’s post, I must admit I wrote it in a bit of a rush. This was probably quite obvious as I (a) never told you whether we won the playoff and (b) forgot to add the footnotes to the bottom of the post. Apologies all.

Last things first, I can reveal that we did indeed win! We got five of the six correct, beating our opponents by one. I’ll outline the answers (and tell you which one we missed) before the end of the post.

Oh yes, I also need to tell you all about the ‘guess’.

Firstly, let’s be honest no-one at a quiz ever really guesses. By which I mean the let’s-just-pick-a-random-name-and-hope guess – what I’d call a pure guess. I suppose you might make that kind of guess in a situation where you genuinely haven’t a clue of where to even begin with an answer and reckon ‘there’s no point putting up a blank answer’. However, one of these guesses coming in and getting you a point is the equivalent of picking a winning lottery number. Very, very rare!

Most of the time we make educated guesses, with the level of education on the given issue varying wildly. I think it was in the World Quizzing Championship this year that, when asked to name a specific Korean film director, I wrote down “Park”. I haven’t a clue about Korean film directors but I do know that Park is a very common Korean surname. Whaddya know – it was the correct answer!

Last Friday night, we had a guess which involved probably the smallest amount of education possible. We were asked:

If Clancy, Holden and Dunphy are three of The High Kings, who is the fourth?

We hadn’t a clue. All we had was my assertion that “they’re all the sons of other musicians”. I don’t know where I plucked this from, perhaps my mother, anyway that was the basis for our discussions from that point on. After much too-ing and fro-ing, involving every famous surname from the world of Irish folk and trad, we settled on Makem.

Obviously, this was the last answer we needed to fill in. Just as I wrote in the name I said, off-handedly, “Watch now, it’ll probably be Furey…”, that being a name we hadn’t even mentioned in our discussion. My team-mate Lorraine had a moment of minor epiphany and said “Well, I have seen one of the Fureys on TV playing a tin whistle. So one of them is a performer…” So, on that slight basis, we changed the answer on our sheet from Makem to Furey.

And lo! the four members of The High Kings are: Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy, Darren Holden and… Martin Furey!

Answers to the questions we missed:

  1. Who is the western correspondent for RTÉ News? A> Pat McGrath
  2. How many Allstar awards has Cora Staunton won? A> Nine
  3. What is the name of the Chair of Mayo County CouncilA> John O’Malley *
  4. In the TV series Fr Ted, of who does Mrs Doyle say “he taught Elvis how to do the karate”? A> Pat Mustard
  5. Who said “The great appear great because we are on our knees: Let us rise”? A> Jim Larkin **
  6. Who represented Ireland in this year’s Eurovision Song ContestA> Ryan Dolan ***
  7. Which Irish author wrote the novel A Week in Winter? A> Maeve Binchy
  8. What will the DIRT rate be after January 1st? A> 41%
  9. What is the name of the Ennis-based company whose servers were hacked last week? A> Loyaltybuild

Now, here are the questions from the playoff:

  1. In what year did The Beatles play in Dublin? A> 1963
  2. Who captained the Mayo minor football team to the All-Ireland title in September? A> Stephen Coen
  3. In how many Irish cities (both North and South) did Bruce Springsteen perform in 2013? A> Four
  4. Who played gangster Martin Cahill in the movie The General? A> Brendan Gleeson
  5. How much do you have if you have one of each Euro coin in your hand? A> €3.88
  6. After how many years is a pearl anniversary celebrated? A> 30th (missed by us)

Picture round:


  1. John West
  2. John Deere
  3. Subaru
  4. Lyons (tea)
  5. Schwepps  <- This one took the most work!
  6. Weetabix
  7. Swithwicks
  8. Finish
  9. Whiskas
  10. Porsche

And that’s all for now.

* A shocking miss by one of our team as, you know, he works for Mayo County Council!
** This is what is engraved on his memorial on O’Connell St. in Dublin.  However, according to that wiki article he didn’t come up with it though.
*** A bit of a bad sign for Mr Dolan’s career this, that we’d all forgotten about him already.

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