Game, set, penalty shootout, match?

November 25, 2013 in Quizzes

tennis-ball-netStrangely it seems, the more involved in international championships I get, the less I take part in table quizzes. Of course, by that I mean the less I take part in table quizzes, as a contestant. I’ve been involved in loads of quizzes over this calendar year but as a question setter and quizmaster.

So last Friday night’s Claremorris Tennis Club table quiz was a nice opportunity to ‘get back in the game’ as it were. I attended on the invite of Andrew, one of the captains on my radio quiz show, After the Fact. To complete the team, he had lined up Lorraine, his nemesis on ATF and his own brother Paul.

The quiz was down for 9pm so, of course, it didn’t start until around half-past. After that though, the quizmistress ran a pretty tight ship, moving through each round quickly, getting the answer sheets collected and getting on the next one. Other quiz hosts please take note!

The questions were set by a man who couldn’t be there on the night. The great fear when that scenario is in play is that there will be a query on a question and the host won’t be able to answer it. Alas, that did happen on Friday night. Here was the controversial question:

In a football match, what is the minimum number of penalties needed to win a shootout?

A member of one of the other teams shouted up a reasonable request for clarification: “Do you mean for one team or both teams?” Even with the assistance of another member of the organising team – and with the answer right in front of them – no-one was able to adequately answer that.

Fair play to her though, she had a substitute question ready to go. A good one too. Whereas we had answered the original question correctly (she called out the answer to it, following the round), we got the new one wrong!

Otherwise though, we had a successful night. The quiz gods smiled upon our table and, before the end of the evening, we had won a spot prize, a raffle prize and finished the quiz in joint-first place! Our 69/80 was good enough to get us in to a playoff. Or, in honour of the club running the quiz, perhaps I should call it a tie-break?!

Before I get to that though, here are the questions we missed in the ‘regular’ quiz:

  1. Who is the western correspondent for RTÉ News?
  2. How many Allstar awards has Cora Staunton won?
  3. What is the name of the Chair of Mayo County Council?
  4. In the TV series Fr Ted, of who does Mrs Doyle say “he taught Elvis how to do the karate”?
  5. Who said “The great appear great because we are on our knees: Let us rise”?
  6. Who represented Ireland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?
  7. Which Irish author wrote the novel A Week in Winter?
  8. What will the DIRT rate be after January 1st?
  9. What is the name of the Ennis-based company whose servers were hacked last week?

Now, here are the questions from the playoff:

  1. In what year did The Beatles play in Dublin?
  2. Who captained the Mayo minor football team to the All-Ireland title in September?
  3. In how many Irish cities (both North and South) did Bruce Springsteen perform in 2013?
  4. Who played gangster Martin Cahill in the movie The General?
  5. How much do you have if you have one of each Euro coin in your hand?
  6. After how many years is a pearl anniversary celebrated?

Picture round (pushed to the pin of the collar by this one):

Answers coming up tomorrow, along with a story about the best ‘guess’ that’s ever scored a point for a table I’ve been involved with. Until then…

Update: answers here.

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