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February 20, 2014 in Quizzes

Where did this come from?

Where did this come from?

My first turn in a quiz hotseat in 2014 took place last night in the King’s Head in Galway.

This was the first of four quizzes I will be hosting over the coming months and a pretty good crowd of 18 tables took part. Of the 18, there was one team way out in front. The winners (named, in up-to-the-minute fashion, ‘GSOC hackers’) scored 82/100, a massive 14 points ahead of two teams in second place.

There was a second prize on offer so a playoff for this then ensued. Thankfully we were all spared the nightmare of playoffs, that the playoff itself ends up as a tie, when one of the teams, the Spartans, had a clear 3-0 win. I think the team who ended up in third had won a couple of raffle prizes earlier, so hopefully everyone left happy.

The quiz was in aid of a defibrilator and defibrilation training for the Latin Quarter area of the city – a very worthy cause. It was advertised as being on “General and Galway Knowledge” so I did my best to include at least one Galway-related question per round. Then, for safety’s sake, I included an entire round of Galway trivia!

I’ve included a sample of the night’s questions after the break.


  1. The Garda training college in Templemore, Co Tipperary, is celebrating what anniversary this month?
  2. Matteo Renzi is going to be the next Prime Minister of Italy after a successful coup against his party leader, Enrico Letta. Since 2009 he has been mayor of which Italian city?
  3. Nominated by Taoiseach Enda Kenny, in March 2011, she is the first woman to hold the position of Attorney General in Ireland. What is her name?
  4. Just yesterday its 13,000th episode was broadcast. It is the world’s third longest-running scripted drama series in production after British serials The Archers and Coronation Street. What is the name of this American daytime television medical drama?
  5. Who holds the record for the most amount of caps for the Republic of Ireland football team?
  6. Which team did Mayo defeat in Division 2B of the National Hurling League on Sunday?
  7. The Columbus Stone on Spanish Parade was gifted to Galway by which European city?
  8. Surrounded by the nation’s presidential palace, national bank, metropolitan cathedral and finance ministry, the Plaza de Mayo can be found in which capital city?
  9. A song called ‘Royals’ won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year at this year’s ceremony on January 26th. It’s performed by which New Zealand-born singer?
  10. Europe’s richest woman, this 91 year old has an estimated worth of $33.2 billion. Her fortune comes from cosmetics company L’Oreal, which was founded by her father in 1909. What is her name?

Gallery – Identify the famous person from the sets of pictures:

Playoff questions:

  1. Residents around Croke Park want to meet with GAA officials over the amount of music concerts that the organisation intends hosting this year. How many in total do the GAA wish to hold?
  2. Who was this week announced as the next head coach of the Munster rugby team?
  3. Which singer/songwriter wrote the hit records “Laughter in the rain”, “Is this the way to Amarillo?” and “Love will keep up together”?

That’s all folks. Answers coming up, y’know, in a day or two.

Non-quiz-related: Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch since my post earlier in the week, asking after my mother. I really appreciate it.

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