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March 16, 2015 in IQO, Quizzes

Answers time.  Hope these ones didn’t prove too challenging!

Before that, please pause for a moment and consider this tweet:

That’s right, the IQO Irish Open is taking place this Saturday (March 21st).  It’s the premier quiz event both created and run by the IQO.  It takes place at ‘HQ’, the Addison Lodge in Dublin, and I will be there.  Come on in and we can have a chat… and a quiz!

Now, on to those answers…

Questions (missed and notable):

  1. In what decade was actor Hugh Grant born? A> 1960s (1960, in fact)
  2. Which letter begins the most number of Irish counties? A> L (five of them)
  3. Complete the World War II-era rhyme: “Loose lips ________________”. A> … sink ships
  4. Which country’s cars bear the international symbol N? A> Norway
  5. In January, Labour TD for Carlow-Kilkenny Ann Phelan, was fined €100 in court for what offence? A> Driving with expried car insurance
  6. In a Turkish court, what is symbolised by a judge deliberately breaking a pencil? A> Death penalty
  7. Who duetted with Neil Diamond on the 1970s hit ‘You don’t bring me flowers’? A> Barbra Streisand
  8. Which is the largest key on a standard keyboard? A> The space bar
  9. Which city is known as the Mile High City? A> Denver
  10. Beginning with the letter G, which surname is the most popular in Spain? A> Garcia

A couple of bad misses in there, albeit for almost all of them we discussed the correct answer (Hugh Grant, death penalty, car insurance) and then dismissed it.  Bafflingly no-one mentioned the space bar in the keyboard discussion though!

Complete the statements (Example “7 = D in a W” becomes “Days in a Week”)

  1. 3 = BM [Blind mice]
  2. 6 = W of H the E [Wives of Henry the Eighth]
  3. 6 = Z in a M [Zeros in a million]
  4. 10 = Y in a D [Years in a decade]
  5. 12 = S of the Z [Signs of the zodiac]
  6. 12 = I in a F [Inches in a foot]
  7. 12 = D of C [Days of Christmas]
  8. 16 = O in a P [Ounces in a pound]
  9. 24 = H in a D [Hours in a day]*
  10. 26 = L in the A [Letters in the alphabet]

That last round was entertaining if not very hard.  We had the 10 finished after about three minutes.  I’ve shown it around since and everyone has enjoyed it.  Perhaps, like dingbats, it’s the kind of round that could be used to woo what are called “non-quizzers”?


* This one proved almost too easy for my brother-in-law with the maths degree.  His brain bypassed the hours in a day and he announced with great confidence “24 halves in a dozen”.  He’s not wrong either, mind you.

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