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March 7, 2015 in Quizzes

LL-Cool-JOn Friday night I took part in my first tablequiz since last June and, since that was the novelty event that is the Ballyhaunis Inter-pub, it’s probably fair to say it was my first proper TQ in over a year. I know, weird.

The quiz was in aid of the local primary school.  A friend suggested I take part and I thought “Why not?”

My initial problem was to gather a team. It’s been a while and, frankly, life has changed a lot in the intervening period. My father-in-law would have been up for taking part in times gone by, if he was needed, but alas we lost him, suddenly, on February 16th. I try not to get too personal on the blog, as you know, with a notable exception. I miss him terribly; he was as good as a second father to me for the over 20 years-or-so I’ve been hanging around his house. Last year, claiming he needed to do something to fill the days following his retirement, he acted as site engineer/foreman/hod carrier for the renovation of our house. Indeed, on the day he died, he was out at our still-feels-new house, helping us to finally make a start at doing something with our garden. Still, however I feel personally, I am endevouring to be there and do my best for Ev, Mrs as she goes through the experience I know so well from last year.

Bizarrely enough, she decided to actually accompany me to the quiz, as a means of getting out and about. I think it’s only the third time she’s ever gone to a quiz with me! Along with our friend Ger, we were also joined by a man called Joe, who hails from Kiltimagh and had been brought along to the quiz by his wife. It turned out they had a group of five, so Joe was the man who pulled the short straw and had to declare himself available for any team that needed a fourth.

Come the end of the night, we had done very well. We finished on an impressive 94/100, albeit that wasn’t good enough to win. We finished third behind ‘C U There’, a team made up of staff from the local Credit Union, who finished on a wonderful 96 points.

The two point gap is important as one of our six incorrect answers was possibly the worst wrong answer in the history of quizzing! I kid you not. You will be laughing shortly when you have a read through the list.

Before that, I must commend the quiz organisers for their imaginative ways of giving out the 30-or-so spot prizes. Firstly, we were all invited to look under our chairs. This was to allow a few lucky competitors to find envelopes stuck underneath, which indicated that they were winners. During the quiz itself, we were regularly asked 11th questions at the end of each round, purely for spot prize purposes. These were very local, and also of a sort which allowed the organisers to give a prize to the nearest wrong answer, should no-one have gotten it. Examples here included: “How high (in meters) is the railway bridge on the Dublin Road?”, “In what year was the Parochial Hall built?” and (less locally) “What is the most googled ‘How to’ question?”

Questions (missed and notable):

  1. In what decade was actor Hugh Grant born?
  2. Which letter begins the most number of Irish counties?
  3. Complete the World War II-era rhyme: “Loose lips ________________”.
  4. Which country’s cars bear the international symbol N?
  5. In January, Labour TD for Carlow-Kilkenny Ann Phelan, was fined €100 in court for what offence?
  6. In a Turkish court, what is symbolised by a judge deliberately breaking a pencil?
  7. Who duetted with Neil Diamond on the 1970s hit ‘You don’t bring me flowers’?
  8. Which is the largest key on a standard keyboard?
  9. Which city is known as the Mile High City?
  10. Beginning with the letter G, which surname is the most popular in Spain?

The quiz also featured a music round (featuring everything from Ed Sheeran to Brendan Shine), a picture round (of nine Ballyhaunis people and Mick Barrett, the man who invaded the pitch during the All-Ireland semi-final replay last Summer) and this, a round that isn’t quite dingbats. It features statements with most of the words removed.

Complete the statements (Example “7 = D in a W” becomes “Days in a Week”)

  1. 3 = BM
  2. 6 = W of H the E
  3. 6 = Z in a M
  4. 10 = Y in a D
  5. 12 = S of the Z
  6. 12 = I in a F
  7. 12 = D of C
  8. 16 = O in a P
  9. 24 = H in a D
  10. 26 = L in the A

Give them a go. Answers coming up in a day or two.

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