How to be delighted with a fifth place finish

August 28, 2015 in Quizzes

fifth-placeThis site is almost dormant, I know.  However, this state of blogging hibernation isn’t due to me failing to transcribe quizzes and turn them in to articles.  No, I haven’t been selfishly holding on to quiz info and experiences and not sharing them with you.

Instead, I must admit, the blog is a faithful representation of the amount of quizzes I have done in the last year.  To summarise: not very many.

I was roused out of my quizzing apathy last weekend by my father, who had noticed that the golf club of which he is a member was going to be a venue for a charity table quiz on Saturday night.  “Sure, you say you’ll come along and I’ll have no trouble finding some others,” he assured me.  In the end, at about 8.30pm on Saturday night, we ‘volunteered’ his visiting sister Louise and her daughter, my cousin Michelle.

Anyway, off we headed for the golf club.  The quiz was down for 9.30pm but himself was certain that ‘Irish time’ would be in play and that our arrival time, 9.50, would be “grand”.   Cue us arriving in to the club bar, to hear the quizmistress recapping the questions from round two.  Doh!

Since we’d come this far (and the quiz was for charity) we decided unanimously to stay and take part regardless.

Thus, you can now see where the post title comes from.  We had a great quiz, finishing on 60/80.  It was good enough for fifth place!  Prior to the last round, we even got a shoutout from the quizmistress who’d noticed that, despite completing two less rounds than everyone else, we were by then in joint-fourth.  Alas, our form slightly deserted us in that last round, and we scored just 6/10.

Still, it wasn’t anywhere near being disappointing enough to take the happy feeling away from our group of Nolans.  For the record, the winning table scored 74/100.

I’ve included a few rounds from the night and the questions we got wrong.  I’d previously been to a quiz (also in the golf club) hosted by the same lady and, once again, I was very impressed by her questions and particularly her pic rounds.  Try them out for yourself.

Famous cars:

Golf Club cars

US Cities:

Golf Club US cities


Golf Club dingbats

Questions we missed:

  1. By what nickname was the following person better known: Nigel Benn?
  2. Same question: Sophie Tucker?
  3. Same question: John McEnroe?
  4. In what year did Dustin the Turkey represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest?
  5. In what year was the Rose of Tralee contest first held?
  6. In what year did Princess Diana die?  You must answer in Roman numerals!
  7. A person born on Bastille Day has what star sign?
  8. What does a deltiologist collect?
  9. In what year did Michael Jackson die?
  10. Mount Elbert is the highest peak in which mountain range?


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