EQC: Best fifth place ever

November 8, 2015 in EQC

Not for the first time on this site, I will proceed to pen a blog about that most often ignored of finishing positions: fifth place.

After the morning’s exertions in the individual quiz (FYI England’s Olav Bjortomt comfortably retained the title) and an afternoon stroll around downtown Rotterdam (thanks to the world’s speediest tour guide, Lorcan Duff) we reconvened in the venue for the awaited fifth/sixth place playoff between Ireland and the Netherlands.

It was a joy to watch, from an Irish point of view, as initial nerves were steadied by the team getting out in to an early lead and remaining there. It wasn’t the most comfortable game to watch (and indeed live tweet) as the room wasn’t much bigger than the miniumum needed to house the two teams and the officials. Indeed, yours truly had to stand for the duration!


We’ve had close run things before. Here, the boys faced in to the final question set with a 54-48 lead, knowing they only needed one correct answer to secure the win. Personally, I’ve been involved in three matches which were lost on the final set of three. Thus, there was a joy, more beautiful for its rarity, when it turned out that they knew all three of the answers! Suddenly it was over, and fifth place was secured on a comfortable looking final scoreline of 63 to 48.

Congratulations to Lorcan Duff, Mark Henry, Kevin Jones and David Lea for achieving Ireland’s best-ever finish at the European Quizzing Championships! Next year: the semi-finals? No pressure.


After dinner, I joined with Kevin, Mark and Scottish quizzer Galen Chung for the club quiz. This is another table quiz (just like the Nations Cup qualifier) but with no proscription on the makeup of teams. Thus there can be some incredibly powerful groupings in action. Our team, the Celtic Warriors, were in the middle of the pack throughout the night, and that’s pretty much where we finished, in 15th place. Still, we had a lot of fun. It’s nice to have a quiz like the Nations Cup but without the pressure.

Finally, those of us who wanted to, sat the Hot 100 world ranking quiz. That’s EQC for you – a group of quizzers sitting down to do a quite hard paper quiz at 11.30pm. 🙂

The pairs event takes place this morning and I intend doing that. Albeit, I don’t yet have a partner. So, excuse me now whilst I head off to the ‘lonely hearts’ club at the front of the main hall, where I will hopefully meet someone else in the same boat…

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