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After the Fact: Series 6

July 3, 2020 in Uncategorized

It seems the only time I post anything here any more is to let anyone who sees it know that this season of After the Fact has begun.

The 2020 season is taking place in the world of COVID-19 and thus is slightly changed from previous years. For one thing, the entire show is being created remotely. Even I won’t be in the studio – the quizmaster’s chair now being located in my house. This change has allowed us to expand the numbers for each show: episodes will now see teams of three facing each other.

The age old battle between Blues and Reds continues though! This first episode sees Dave McBryan, Eva Barrett and James Bonsall take on David Klein, Gareth Aubrey and Tom Mead, with all questions having a loose connection to the letter A.

As always the show is available on iTunes/Google/Acast and Spotify. It’s also on the Claremorris Community Radio player, which I have included below.