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To celebrate the launch of the blog’s new name (that’s tablequiz.net, in case you missed it) and its new look, I’ve come up with a little challenge for blog readers.  There’ll even be a mystery prize at the end of it!

While I was working on the new look-and-feel, I needed some quiz-related stock art. Not being able to find anything good online, I got ‘How do you do?‘ on the project and put together a full quiz round answer sheet.  Typically, I then ended up just using the top few centimetres for the header you can see above!

Now, however, I will show off my handywork as it’s going to be the basis for this competition.

Quiz challenge answers

If you’ve seen the American TV show Jeopardy! (or even know how it works), you’ll grasp what’s required here. Simply put, it’s: “What are the questions?”

Obviously there are several questions which would be technically correct in each case, but I do have a list of 10 questions already written and it’s this list that competitors will be trying to match.  Being a fair-minded individual, I will give you the general topic which each question belongs to. Here they are:

  1. History
  2. Sport
  3. Entertainment
  4. Science
  5. Entertainment
  6. History
  7. Sport
  8. Current Affairs
  9. History
  10. Entertainment

I guess they’re pretty obvious, in any case.

To enter, simply send me your 10 questions to: quizmaster@tablequiz.net. If you enter with time to spare, I may even reply with how many correct questions you’ve got. I won’t tell you which ones are right though. 🙂

The contest will remain open until Friday May 22, at 6pm. At that point the entrant with the most correct questions will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, a draw will be made to decide the winner.

Good luck all!

Update: The Challenge is now over and you can check out the questions here.

5 responses to Quiz Challenge

  1. Just hoored this around the webternet for ya.

  2. email sent thanks

  3. Had a few entries yesterday.

    As of now, the average score is 7 correct questions.

    Thanks to everyone who sent in a mail!

  4. Entry sent cheers ears 🙂

  5. Kudos from one braniac to another. 🙂

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