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Dave Fanning talks table quizzes

April 29, 2009 in Discussion

Dave FanningBy complete chance I listened in to Dave Fanning‘s show on Radio 1 on Monday night. It’s not that I’ve anything against the man, it’s just that the radio in our kitchen is normally tuned to Newstalk at that hour.

It must have been one of those quirks of fate as the topic for the first half-hour of Dave’s show was the table quiz.  Dave admitted that he’d only ever done one table quiz, and that was for a local school fund-raiser. However, Dave’s guest (and, judging by the tone of the conversation, mate) Eoin Sweeney sounded like he’d done as many table quizzes as myself and he let forth on the topic for the full 30 mins.

As is the way with radio these days, their chat was interspersed with text messages from members of the listening public and your humble correspondant saw an opportunity there to promote the blog.

Alas, my phone’s rubbish predictive text (and my own haste) meant that I messed up said text and thus, while the blog was mentioned, it was accompanied by Dave mocking my awful syntax. 🙁

While it is said that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” I decided I’d better set the record straight and, decently enough, Dave read out my second text. In the end, the boys even wished me well in Monday night’s quiz!

Anyways, if you’d like to hear me slagged off (or indeed listen to the rest of the quiz discussion) I’ve posted that part of the show after the more…

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