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    2 responses to Running a quiz?

    1. Hi John

      I stumbled upon your website while searching for quiz nights in my area (Dublin City).

      I think your site is a great idea for people like myself who enjoy an aul quiz now and then but have no way of knowing the whens and wheres etc etc.

      Alas… and maybe I’m being a complete idiot here….. I’ve scrolled through the entire site and I can’t find the hallowed calender of quizes anywhere?????? Do you actually have a page on here with dates/venues etc??


      • Hi Dave,

        sorry about the mix-up. The hallowed calendar is really the ‘Upcoming’ box on the right-hand-side. 🙂

        However, I’ve now added a link above which shows the Google calendar I’m using to keep things organised.

        Best of luck with the Dublin quizzes!


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