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Back in the game … answers

September 9, 2009 in Quizzes

Dayana_MendozaHere are the answers to the questions I posted in the Back in the game… post yesterday morning.

There are a couple of these that are dodgy. For instance Q1, Q3 and Q13 had more than one name for the right answer.  Then, I opened up the business section of a certain Sunday newspaper to see a front page story declaring that the film they announced as Q8’s answer had been beaten into second place in this summer’s cinema takings (in Ireland anyway) by The Hangover.  Bad luck to the organisers if this fact changed in the four days following the quiz. Otherwise they must have been wrong.

As usual, we play the ball as it lies and we’ll be back there again at the start of next month for the 2008 quiz.

Regarding the answers below: If you got them all right, here’s a bit of advice: send off your application to become a question writer for Trivial Pursuit: Game of the Year Edition right away. 🙂

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Back in the game, if not the zone

September 8, 2009 in Quizzes

happy-new-year-2009Ever had the feeling that you’re out of your depth?

By which I mean: ever had the feeling you can’t swim properly because the water is too shallow?

Well that’s the feeling I had at last Wednesday night’s quiz in The Dáil Bar, Galway.

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