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Come and have a go

August 22, 2012 in Quiz Show, Quizzes

You probably ought to be able to at least name these three before you try the Championship Challenge.

Do you know your GAA facts? Would you like to win tickets to go to the All-Ireland semi-finals or even the finals themselves?  If so, you probably should give the Championship Challenge, which is running on Eircom’s GAA-based Experience More, site a go.

It’s a simple, quick-fire quiz in which you have to attempt to answer five questions in as short a time as possible.  Get 3/5 right and you’re entered into a weekly draw.  Get all five right and you’re in with a shot of topping one of the site’s four leaderboards (one for each province) which will entitle you to some fancy-shmancy corporate tickets to one of the All-Ireland finals.

To be honest, you’d have to be living under a stone to have missed this quiz, given the amount of promotion it’s received throughout the Summer, on tv and radio.  Sure, give it a go.  It’ll be one way for a Galway hurling fan to get a ticket.

In other challenging news, I’d like to wish Stephen Dodding, our surrogate Irishman (during last year’s European Quiz Championship in Bruges), all the best for his appearance on first episode of the new series of Only Connect.  Yes, I know, he’s already done the show so wishing him well doesn’t make too much sense but, still, let’s hope there’s nothing too embarassing on the tape!

Never mind me – I’m probably just jealous that he got to meet Victoria Coren.  Anyway, the show airs on Monday next, August 27, at 8.30pm on BBC Four.  You should watch it.

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Answers wait for no man

January 17, 2011 in Quizzes

Three Men and a BabyAfter a day’s delay, here are the answers to the questions posed in Saturday’s post: Time waits for no man.  Before I get to that, I’d like to tell you about two questions we managed to get right on the night.

Firstly, one I was quite proud of. “What was the name of the baby in the film ‘Three men and a baby‘?” From some deep, deep hidden memory of watching the film in school (presumably in religion class) I plucked an answer.

“How sure are you?” my team-mates asked.

“Not at all… but it’s not as if we have anything else.”  Well, I was right as it turned out!*

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the other noteworthy question is possibly the easiest I’ve ever heard: “A new terminal was opened in Dublin Airport recently. By what name is it known?”

This one nearly stumped us, as we spent about five minutes over-thinking it. Was there a trick to it? Had the terminal been named in honour of someone? How had we missed it, if so? Surely this question couldn’t be as simple as it appeared?

Well, it turned out to be as simple as it appeared.**

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Time waits for no man

January 15, 2011 in Quizzes

I feel old. In a quizzing sense, that is.

Last night I hooked up with Ger, his sister Marie and brother-in-law Willie and took part in the Claremorris GAA Club quiz.  It was our first outing as a group since our epic triple overtime win last April so we felt confident.  However, it wasn’t to be.

The reason for our defeat was quite plain: the music round. Nothing in the world of quizzing makes you feel aged more than listening to some modern tunes and being totally baffled by them.  It’s one thing to think “Oh yeah, what is that one?” and spend some minutes trying to drag the song title from the depths of your brain.  It’s totally disheartening though to listen to a track and not have a single flicker of recognition.

Unfortunately, the music round was worth 20 points (one each for title and artist) and, being the only such round on the night, meant that doing badly here was doubly punishing. We scored 12/20, with the eventual winners getting 20. Their not-so-secret weapon was a teenage daughter.

I need my own little girl to grow up fast!

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