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Answers, George…

October 11, 2013 in Quizzes

Here are the answers to the questions I posted earlier this week.

I don’t really have anything to tell you otherwise. Last night’s After the Fact was very entertaining and you can check it out on the show page.

Next up for me is Blog Awards Ireland night, which is on this Saturday in Naas. Fingers are crossed!
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Where did it all go wrong, George?

October 8, 2013 in Quizzes

head_hands-smIn yesterday’s post, I mentioned at the very end that the my team in Saturday’s social quiz threw away the lead in the final round. We’d been out front since the first round and, going in to the final 12 questions, still lead by two.

However, we then finished like Devon Loch.

Since then, I have been subject to a gleeful, mock sympathy from certain friends. “Musha John, what happened to ye?” they ask, in a tone which indicates they’re not really that interested in an actual explanation…

To be fair to one of them, he did ask to see the questions from the round involved. So here we are, he (and you) can have a go at these 12 questions, as compiled by IQO treasurer John Groarke. You’ll probably be able to guess what county he hails from by the end. 😉

  1. The price of crude oil from which North Sea field is widely used as te benchmark for oil prices in Europe and OPEC countries? The field has the same name as species of goose, common in Ireland in the winter.
  2. What cocktail is a mixture of vodka, lime juice, triple sec and cranberry juice?
  3. Which antarctic explorer left England in 1914 aboard the Endurance?
  4. Entomology is the study of what?
  5. The name of which famous soft drink is an anagram for a word meaning “denoting or relating to a bishop”?
  6. Who wrote The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?
  7. Published in June 2012 and written by Gillian Flynn, which book, with an alliterative title, is still in the Irish bestsellers list, is being made into a film starring Ben Affleck and concerns whether or not the lead character, Nick Dunne, has killed his wife?
  8. Which hormone, secreted by the outer layer of the adrenal gland, has been synthesised and is commonly used as an anti-inflammatory for conditions like rheumatied arthritis?
  9. It boasts that it has “the largest readership in county Offaly” and incorporates the Offaly Vindicator and the Leinster Reporter. Which Tullamore-based newspaper is published every Wednesday?
  10. The character Mrs Tesman is better known by which maiden name in the title of an Ibsen play?
  11. Which jazz trumpeter released the albums Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain in 1959-60?
  12. Dublin won their 24th senior All Ireland Football title this year (significantly more than Meath or Mayo) but who scored Dublin’s last point in the final, effectively the winner given that they only won by one point?

Myself, John O’Sullivan and Anthony Mangan scored a not-very-good 7/12, which was a bit of a problem as the average score among the other teams was 10.

How did you do? (Answers tomorrow sometime).

My day as a BIFFO

October 7, 2013 in IQO, Quizzes

sad-clownAs outlined in my post from last Friday, I had to both achieve something spectacular on Saturday and hope for a bit of a miracle in the performances of my rivals for the Irish A team.

Alas, it was not to be. As Larry Gogan says regularly (and Kevin Jones said very rarely on Saturday), the questions in this month’s Hot-100 quiz didn’t suit me. I found it quite hard and puffed and panted my way to 49/100. As it turned out, everyone else found it hard too and that number was good enough for second in the room, behind the aforementioned Mr Jones.

However, even before we’d heard from the other venues I knew that I hadn’t done enough. The top Irish score was already at least the 55 scored by Kevin, so the best ranking score I could have received was (49/55) x 100 = 89. As outlined on Friday, I needed something in the mid-90s to improve my fifth-place ranking.

So it’s the B1 team and the Aspirational Cup for me. That will be fun in a different, lower pressure kind of way. If the A team do well, and I am seriously optimistic, I’ll have no shame in saying “I’m with those guys!”*
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