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Celtic Nations 2015 photos

April 28, 2015 in Celtics

Quick report on the September GP

September 9, 2013 in IQO

As Chairperson, I got to present Lorcan Duff with his prize for winning the individual quiz.

As Chairperson, I got to present Lorcan Duff with his prize for winning the individual quiz.

A great day was had by all at the IQO‘s September Grand Prix (including the British Quiz Championships) on Saturday.

This was our first link-up with the British Quizzing Association and (the quiz) proved quite a challenge.  The quiz itself is akin to a slightly smaller version of the World Quizzing Championship that takes place each June.  It features two papers, each of which contains three categories.  As I outlined a week or so back, they are Art & Culture, Civilisation, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Physical World and Sport/Games.  Your top five scores are counted with your lowest number being dropped.

Personally, I was a model of consistency, scoring 48 in the first half and 49 in the second.  Thus my gross score was 97 but, following the removal of my lowest (14), the net score that counted was 83.  This was good enough for joint-fourth behind Lorcan Duff, James Andrews and Kevin Jones.  No shame in that at all, I think.  Congrats to all.

Lifestyle seems to be a particular strength for the Irish quizzers as David Lea (quizzing at the UK event) won gold in the category whilst Dan O’Malley, with us in Dublin, won the silver.  Well done men!  You can view the full rankings on the BQA site.

I finished level with the form man of Irish quizzing at the moment, Derek Cray, whose push for a place on the A team for the Europeans may have started just too late.  At this rate though, I predict he willl be a dark horse for the singles in Liverpool.

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Quizzing, at C level

May 10, 2013 in Quizzes

A final guest blog on the 2013 Celtic Nations Championship.  Today, Ger Slattery tells us what it was like to be on the Irish C team in Edinburgh.

The edge of New Zealand's largest lake

The edge of New Zealand’s largest lake

I was delighted to take part in the inaugural Celtic Tri-Nations Quiz. It was a nice, yet humbling, experience. To be in the presence of, and compete against, some of the World’s top quizzers was obviously a thrill for an amateur, not-so-experienced quizzer like myself. I achieved my main aim – not to be completely out of my depth, though it’s fair to say that I justified my place in the Ireland C team!

Arriving in to Edinburgh on Thursday night, after making the long trip from County Mayo, I spent my first day walking the streets, checking out some of the many sights of that beautiful city. After indulging in so much culture, I proceeded to that other important part of Scottish culture – the pubs!

The Ireland C team (Michelle Coyne, John O’Sullivan, Derek Cray and mé féin) started brightly, when the quizzing actually began on the Saturday morning. In the end we lost out narrowly to Scotland (whether it was Scotland A, B or C, nobody could ever be sure as they kept switching team members throughout the weekend – rather disconcerting for the opposition… but anyway!).

One of the categories I was glad our team picked (at the time!) was ‘New Zealand’. “Great”, thought I. I like all things New Zealand, especially since a lovely 3-week holiday there in 2008, and if it’s physical geography questions that come up, then I’m happier still! Lo and behold, three geography questions they were!

  1. What is the largest lake in New Zealand?  Yep, knew that! Click for answer
  2. What is the name of the mountain range in New Zealand that is one of only two mountain ranges in the World that run from north to south? “The Southern Alps”, suggested Derek. It was a decent guess, but the answer is [Click here]. And yes, I did see them on my travels, but hey, I don’t always bring my compass with me!
  3. Name the most south-westerly city in NZ…  Blank faces all round. In my defence, I didn’t pass through [Click to find out] on my travels (and, yes, it’s a city apparently!).

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