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Quizzing in Englisch

March 28, 2013 in Quizzes

The man who might be Dave

Quizmaster: The man who might be Dave

Table quizzes are all about knowledge, team-work and team formation.  Knowledge is an obvious need, team-work (the chemistry between you) makes sense to anyone but team formation?

Well, here’s an example of how not to do it.  Last Friday night myself, Ger and two of our friends, Andrew and Adrian, met up for a quiz in Knock.  You’d think we’d have done well – we all know a thing or two.  Unfortunately we all seemed to know the same things – or, more aptly, didn’t know the same things.  Things such as the music of Taylor Swift, where Galley Head can be found and what the largest ingredient in a bottle of Coca-Cola is.  Ok, that last one definitely wasn’t our fault – how do they not think water is part of the recipe?!  But the others, and more like them, definitely were.  Whilst we were one off the lead at half-time, we dropped away completely after the break and ended up in fifth.

For the first few days of this week, myself and Mrs TQ were in Berlin, for a short break. I had forewarned my acquaintance Sebastian Klussmann from the German Quizzing Association and, sure enough, he found a quiz (in English!) for us to try our hand at.  He even brought along Chris, a friend of his who originally hails from Birmingham.

The quiz took place in a pub called ‘Das Gift’.  Now, don’t be fooled (as I was).  Gift is this case is not a loan word.  In fact it’s the German word for poison.  Once inside, I found the pub to be appropriately named.  Seb told me that smoking has been banned in bars in Berlin for several years now but I could hardly see him when he told me that, such was the thickness of the tobacco smoke in the air between us. 🙁  Apparently, in that Hipster part of Berlin, the law is, to quote the bard, “more honour’d in the breach than the observance”.

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